Thursday, February 5, 2009

yesterday was beautiful

Last night I went to Wal Mart with a friend and noticed ho nice it was outside. I mean it was beautiful.. the wind was blowing just right, the sky was actually clear... it was my kind of night. When I got home, kids were in bed(YES!!!!), kitchen was clean (check), everything was in perfect order for me to go outside and sit on the patio. That's my most favorite time of any day, any year. I don't get to do it alot, but when I get the chance I don't miss it.

Mark 1:35 - " And early in the morning, while it was still dark, He arose and went out and departed to a lonely place, and was praying there."

I realize that we all lead busy live. Between work, kids, home lives, church lives, extra activities that we and our kids are involved in keep us on the run all the time. But when is God's time? I guess if we can find time to go to basketball practice everyday, games on Saturday, club meetings twice a week, time to watch Law and Order (my favorite show) and even go to the gym.... can God not get time too? I have been guilty of saying how I do not have time but have caught myself sitting on the couch doing nothing basically. In order to really know God, know what He wants from you and what He expects from you, there has to be communication. Even Jesus made time as we see in Mark (and MANY other verses) to have His time w/ the Father.

Last night was great, it really was. Hershey was there jumping all over me, the moon was beautiful, I was reminded last night of how truly blessed I really am. I don't have everything I want, but I sure have all I need. Kids are happy and healthy, we have a home to live in, a job to go to, food to eat, the fact that I have internet to be able to write everyday..... God is good, He really is. I think sometimes we take alot for granted and in times like we are living in now... we need to be on our knees thanking God everyday for all He has done for us.

I hope you all have a good Wednesday, Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow!! Love ya!

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