Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That mustard seed and my faith

Matthew 17: 20 - " He replied, Because you have so little faith I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the mountains, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

The days have been good, but there is something in my head that is just not connecting I guess. I'm not really sure how to explain it but I am really wondering if my faith is as strong as I really claim it is. Stress has once again taken over after being gone for a while. It seems that Satan, who for a while left me alone... I figure he got tired... has popped up again. It's not that I don't believe. I do. I talk about it everyday, I tell my friends now as much as I can. I do know that God loves me unconditionally, I know that He has my best interest at heart and that I can go to Him anytime day or night, unlike others. I know that He really hasn't forgotten about me..... I just hate when Satan throws that doubt in..... **sigh**

Just say a prayer today for me. I already know God heard mine, but it never hurt to have backup!!

I love you all and Lord willing...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Very thought provoking .. for me anyway....

Before I write this.. if my son hears about this, well.... just don't tell him I told you!!!!

This past weekend, I actually got to do something on a Saturday I have not done in so long, I almost forgot how... sleep!! The kids were home playing and it was so nice that Saturday afternoon I got to take a much needed nap. Now, when I sleep, probably like most mothers, I sleep with one ear open. If the kids open the door, the frig, whatever, I tend to hear it. Well my youngest decided he would use my bathroom instead of the one in the hall. Ok, whatever.. I was too tired to fuss. After a few minutes I heard this loud scream.. " MAMAAAAAAA MAAAMAAA COME HERE HURRY!!! I jumped out of the bed so fast, I hit my knee on the dresser and almost fell. He was yelling and screaming, tears running down his face. All he said was " CALL MY DADDY, HURRY NOW". Okay, maybe I'm dreaming or something... I just kinda look at him. He's still crying begging me to call his daddy BUT not to leave him. I asked what was wrong and he said......

" I gotta poop and it won't come out". It took all I had, bless his heart, not to laugh. But I didn't cause he was very serious. Then he yelled.... " I'M GONNA DIE, HURRY AND CALL MY DADDY". He actually thought he was about to die so I did what any mother would do.. I called his daddy for him. When he answered, he could hear him screaming (cause at this point he had not stopped yet) and he begin to panic. I told him to calm down and explained what was wrong and that my son thought he was about to die and he wanted to talk to him. I could hear him laugh a little but he talked to him. After a minute he gave me the phone and I told him I would take care of it, he would be fine.

After a few more minutes, we took care of my son, but not after I assured him he was not going to die that day in the bathroom.

And as funny as the story was and is, just as sure as we are born, we are going to die. But death does not have to be the end, it can be the beginning. In Galatians, Paul said "“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” Galatians 6:7-9.But know that eternal life is not a reward for our works, but a gift of God. In Ephesians 2:8 is says “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast”.

What we can't do (like I use to) is think we have all the time in the world. "I'll change tomorrow, cause I really don't want to stop now", " God will give me another day"... there is no time like right now to get your lives right. And the right thing is not always easy. Actually sometimes doing bad stuff, stupid stuff is the simplest way if you ask me. I mean sin is fun, admit it. It sure was for me and boy was it easy to get into. Now the day I decided I wanted to start living like I was suppose to... WHEW.. hardest day of my life you hear me!! I mean 24 hours felt like a million hours!!! But each day is getting better. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying.

I will be a little open with you.. my biggest fear use to be death. After my parents died, it basically consumed my mind so much that I would stay awake all night because I had myself believing that if I was awake, I could " see" what was going to happen. Then after I had children and got divorced, I had to try to do something to stay alive so that the kids would not be left alone. It literally was driving me crazy. But after years, literally years... I just know to live how I am suppose to each day, there is nothing I can do about tomorrow or what might happen, and trust in God because He will take care of everything!!

My son trusted me when I reassured him that he would be okay and I trust God when He told me that "He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:4).

I hope you all have a great day.. I think its gonna be a nice one! Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Serving and my daughter

This weekend was really good for alot of different reasons. God gave us a perfect weekend to get out and do something constructive. The weather was beautiful. Sunday I got to go work on a habitat house for the very first time. And let me just say, although I sorta work with and in a construction type field, I have a new found respect for anyone who does construction for a living. I actually got to nail and hammer joists (I think is what they called them) to the crawl space on a brand new home for someone. I mean, I was only there for the morning, but I was thinking the whole time.. someone is going to walk on this floor I am helping do. I just didn't want to do it wrong and it fall it!!! It was really an eye opening experience for me.

My daughter also surprised me. See she stays mad at me for some reason, doesn't really matter what. I think it goes along with just being a teenage girl, and if your daughter is not a teenager yet.. I'll start praying for you now!!! But after her basketball practice late Sunday afternoon, she decided that she was going to buy her and one of her friends dinner with HER OWN money!! Now, my daughter likes to spend money.. MY money, but when it comes to hers, she tends to wanna hang on to it as long as possible. But I took them to get something and she got them both dinner. I think she was actually listening when Greg was preaching!

It's all about serving people. In any way possible. You don't have to build houses, give tons of money, or take all of your day, OR you can if you choose, but we are commanded to serve other people. Jesus gave us many examples on how He Himself served others.. one that sticks out is at the Last Supper, when humbled Himself and washed the disciples feet. Do you know that their minds were probably like " WHAT IS GOING ON??" This was after wall Christ and HE was not suppose to be doing tasks such as this. But I guarantee you that the disciples would remember this and be humbled themselves to serve others. Our society today is so selfish.. it's always about them.... after all this time we can still learn alot from Jesus' and His life on earth!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week. Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow....

Love ya!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weight Watchers and The Divas

I met Demi, Sheree and Kim in what some would call a strange way. I met them all individually online when I started weight watchers about 4 1/2 years ago. I mean there are alot of people on this site, but someone we all just clicked and I got this idea that maybe we should form our own little support group among ourselves. So we did and thus the DIVAS were born. Don't ask about the name.. lol.

Demi lives in Florida, Sheree in Virginia and Kimmy, well she lives WAYYYY in Iowa. We are all night and day but mesh very well together and are a constant support for each other as we travel on the weight loss journey. Before I went to the Women's Conference last week, we all had a conversation (online) about finally taking control of ourselves and our bodies and getting our weight under control. It was strange to me (shouldn't have been though cause that's how God works) that at the conference, they talked about getting our bodies healthy to serve God. I mean I honestly never thought about it that way before. I just wanted to lose weight cause I wanted smaller clothes and I want my knees to stop hurting!!!

But in I Corinthians 6, Paul talks about sins against the body. He said " you were bought with a price. Therefore honor God with you body." That means keeping it healthy and right so that we can serve God best.

I am a night owl, or use to be anyway. When I finished school last year, I had a hard time getting settled down at night. My mind was always racing and I could tell you what came on at 2, 3 and 4 AM on TVLand! I was literally up all night and by the time I got to work in the mornings, I was ready to go to sleep!!! Psalms 127:2 " In vain you rise up early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat- for He grants sleep to those He loves." There is no way our bodes can function without the proper rest, and if it can't function, how are we to be about God's business??

So as I go through this new phase in my life, it has to include being healthy. Not just for my own personal sake ( and cause I don't need slack from the Divas :)), but because God wants me healthy to serve Him better!!

Its Friday folks!! We made it through another work week and it was good! I hope you all have a great and wonderful weekend. We have Operation Serve going on this Sunday at my church. This is the 2nd one for us. We have specific projects that we are doing out in the community. I am suppose to help with a habitat house (get your cameras ready!! hahahahah). At some point this weekend, get outside of your box and do something for someone else. They don't even have to know you did it.. just do it!

Love you all and Lord willing, we will talk again on Monday!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank You...

I got this yesterday from a friend who know I needed it:


I want to thank You for what you have already done.

I am not going to wait until I see results or receive rewards; I am thanking You right now.

I am not going to wait until I feel better or things look better; I am thanking You right now.

I am not going to wait until people say they are sorry or until they stop talking about me; I am thanking You right now.

I am not going to wait until the pain in my body disappears; I am thanking You right now.

I am not going to wait until my financial situation improves; I am going to thank You right now.

I am not going to wait until the children are asleep and the house is quiet; I am going to thank You right now.

I am not going to wait until I get promoted at work or until I get the job; I am going to thank You right now.

I am not going to wait until I understand every experience in my life that has caused me pain or grief; I am thanking You right now.

I am not going to wait until the journey gets easier or the challenges are removed. I am thanking You right now.

I am thanking You because I am alive. I am thanking You because I made it through the day's difficulties. I am thanking You because I have walked around the obstacles. I am thanking You because I have the ability and the opportunity to do more and do better.

I'm thanking You because, FATHER, YOU haven't given up on me."

I really like that...... I hope you all have a great day!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Being content is a state of mind that alot of us find hard to attain. There is no way on earth any of us can have everything we want and we will always be unhappy if we aren't satisfied with what we have.

I will admit, I have been there too. I have to catch myself or the little green-eyed monster will pop up before I know it. I have seen people go out and buy what they have seen others get, stop talking to old friends because the new ones have more, or just out right talk about what this and that person has and wish it was them. Well guess what? When you die, it's not going to matter anyway cause you can't take it with you and someone else will spend it!

We have to be happy with what we have. It amazes me that people think that because you have alot of money, life must be wonderful for you. Even famous movie, TV and music stars have problems, and probably alot more because of the money!! Try helping others for a change and watch how your attitude will change to happiness instead of the " poor pitiful me" syndrome. We need to appreciate and treasure what we have now. You never know what tomorrow will bring. There is no guarantee you will make it through this day much less tomorrow so we need to start acting like it !!!

Ecclesiastes 5:10 -Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income.This too is meaningless.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Whole Healthy and Virtuous

When I was growing up, I was pretty one sided. I mean I did not sway from anything that I did.. ever!! I liked what I knew and change.. well that was not me. I was happy and I assumed that the things I was learning was all I needed.. after all, if I needed something else..well God would have put it in my routine from get go.

This past weekend I attended a Women's Conference at Mt. Zion Church. Now let me tell you. And I will be honest. I can count on one hand the times I have been in an almost all African American church. And there is nothing WRONG, please don't misunderstand.. I was just brought up in a church that was majority white and still am. And we do things very differently and it use to make me really nervous because well... I wasn't use to it and like I said.. growing up, I never swayed and thought anyone could teach me anything else. I was very wrong.

I sat in a room full of women, different ages, backgrounds, ethnic groups and sang and praised God. And as different as we were, our goals were the same... getting right with God and gong to heaven. Now I have not JUST come to this revelation, but it was affirmed again for me this past weekend that I have so much to learn from so many people even at 36 no matter what church I attend.

Working to make ourselves WHOLE, HEALTHY and VIRTUOUS Women... that was the topic of the conference. We talked about spiritual gifts, making our bodies healthy but not putting crap in it, making our bodies whole, not hole, for Christ, dealing with problems and letting go and letting God handle them. It's the same stuff I talk about, the stuff I have to tell myself everyday. They were talking about what I have been talking about the past year. I watched women who were not afraid in the least to praise God.. they didn't care who saw them because it wasn't about that at all. They were one with God and all was good.

And let me tell you!!! Let me tell you how Satan works..... When my friends and I left that conference, we were pumped!! Laughing and talking and decided to go eat dinner to continue talking. As we walked into the restaurant, my cell phone started beeping.. text message... and I looked and said " Oh myyyyy.. Satan!!" My friend turned to me and she knew.. it was a person that I have not talked to since the end of last year. Someone who was NOT good for me in any kind of way who I haven't seen for close to 6 months. He was texting... and I mean it dawned on me right then. Satan does not want me or any of us doing what he knows is going to get us closer to God. He was trying to use what he knows was a weakness for me in order to throw me off. The speaker had JUST said not 15 minutes before this text

"A whole, healthy, virtuous woman makes the devil shake"..

As the text kept coming through, I will be honest... my heart ( which is not always good to follow) was saying talk.. talk to him. But thank GOD my head was alot stronger this time. I wasn't going to do it...and I didn't. Now I know this person and I know all the tactics.. lol... he didn't disappoint either but before I went to bed, after talking to a friend, I just prayed that God would be with me right this moment because I knew he was not going to give up through this night and that God just give me a peaceful nights sleep and help me remember the things I had learned at the conference. The night was good....

Whole, healthy and virtuous.. that's my goal. It always has been, but it was confirmed this past weekend, I am on the right track.

I hope you all have a great week!!! I love you and lord willing......

Friday, April 17, 2009

Love is something if you give it away........

"Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away... love is something if you give it away. You'll end up having moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

I had this song in my head all day yesterday and I needed it by the end of the day. It amazes me how you can start a day GREAT and a few crazy comments or people just not acting or doing what you want can change that. So just kept on singing!!

Today is Friday (PRAISE GOD)..... I am thinking it is going to be a busy one for me. I have a women's conference to go to this weekend at a church w/ my friend, and a few other thing... busy busy busy! I hope you all have a great weekend. Find some fun things to do and lets hope the weather holds out! I love you all and Lord willing and the creek don't rise... we will meet again on Monday!!

"Love is like a lucky penny. Hold it tight and you won't have any. Give it awayyyyyy and you'll have plenty. You'll end up having moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speed Dating??? Hmmmmm....

So I find this ad on the Internet that a hotel here in town is doing a Speed Dating thing. You know... you get all dressed up in your Sunday best, go into this room (after you pay your 10.00), tables are set up and then the timer starts. You go from tale to table (in 2 to 3 minute intervals) talking to men (or women) and deciding by asking one or two questions if this is a potential mate for you. :/

Now, for a minute, I thought to myself, " this might be fun", there is not a whole lot to do in Albany on the weekends, but then I realized.. naw, I'll just wait. After my picks for dates this past year, think I'll let God handle it this time!

I use to think that maybe not everyone is designed to be married but I think that thinking s really wrong. I mean in Genesis it tells us that God made Eve for Adam because he was lonely. So I think that is is natural to want to be married but I know for me, it consumed my mind so much to the point that I could not function unless I was dating SOMEONE, hence all the jerks that came along in my life. So I changed my way of thinking (as this was all just recently mind you). God can use me right now, as a single person while I am waiting on HIM to send the person that He wants me to be with the rest of my life.. as so it shall be.

I have been told I need to get put and LOOK for this man I am going to marry. Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I do NOT sit home. I mean granted I have children and I am home alot, BUT being as one of my children is of babysitting age, I get the privilege of going out with friends on occasion. Not only that, I have church activities, work activities and school events that I participate in. So getting out there is not a problem, but I have just decided that God know better than me and I am going to let him handle this situation. So, instead of "looking" for a man, look to God to handle finding you a man (or woman) ... and live your life! Life doesn't begin at marriage. You can live life now, abundantly. Pursue your dreams and put your skills and God-given talents to work.

I think Satan (know I KNOW) makes us feel bad because we haven't found that person yet. Something must be wrong with us if we haven't found someone by a certain time, and then we take ANYTHING that comes along, marry it, and then it doesn't work and we wonder why.

So be encouraged all my single friends (or am I the only one..LOL). Be smart, wait for the right person to come along. In the meantime, get involved in your church, start making differences. Teach classes, write books, plan events, grow as a person and most of all, get to know Christ!! There are alot of benefits to being single. If you have no kids, then it gives you plenty of time to be out doing God's work. And if you have kids (like me) then concentrate on bringing them up like God wants... all that other stuff will fall into place.... I have faith!!

And I think I'll pass on the speed dating! :)

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Benefits of Good News

Everyday I get messages from Rick Warren author of the Purpose Driven Life (once again, if you haven't read it, it is a MUST read!!!). Now, Rick isn't just writing to me, lol, but sometimes it really seems like it. Well yesterday I got one that I really did like so I wanted to share it with you.

April 14, 2009
Three Benefits of Good News
by Rick Warren

In our Devotionals series, Pastor Rick Warren discusses the Bible passages that inspire him the most. Today's Devotional is based on this passage:

"For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23 NLT).

The good news is you're able to enter into a relationship with God through an attitude of trust in Jesus Christ; not through religion, rules, regulations, or rituals.When we trust our lives to Jesus Christ we're given three incredible, fabulous, wonderful benefits. So, when we tell others about the good news, we can let them know:

God forgives your past; he gives you purpose in the present; and, he offers you a future.God forgives your past. None of us are perfect. Everybody has made mistakes. Everyone has skeletons in the closet—things he or she wishes had never happened. God comes along and says, "When you trust Jesus Christ with your life, I take everything you've ever done and wipe the slate clean. You get to start over with a brand-new life."Now, is that good news?

God gives you purpose in the present.

You are not an accident. God created you for a purpose. But you're never going to know God's purpose for your life until you first get to know God. When you get to know God, you're going to know who you are. When you figure out God, you're going to figure out yourself.I meet people all the time who say, "I'm just trying to find myself." You know what—you probably aren't going to like yourself once you find yourself!These people say, "There's something missing in my life." God's missing! You weren't made to live and go through life just on your own power.

God offers you a future.

God gives you a future, a home in heaven. Most people hope they're going to heaven, but they're not sure. Most people think if you do more good in your life than bad, then maybe God will grade on a curve and say, "Okay, you can come in."Wrong! It doesn't work that way. You won't get into heaven on your own power because you're just not good enough.There's only one way we can get into heaven—on somebody else's ticket. Since none of us are perfect, God came to earth in human form as Jesus. Jesus lived a life of perfection. He died on the cross, paid for our sin, and then went back to heaven. Now you get into heaven on his ticket, if you trust him.

Romans 6:23 (NCV) says, "God gives us a free gift—life forever in Christ Jesus our Lord." It's a gift. That means you can't earn it, you can't work for it, and you can't own it in any way.God says, "If you trust My Son with your life, you get forgiveness for your past, a purpose for living in your present, and a home in heaven in the future."

Is that good news?Do you think anybody you know would be interested in that?The world is hungry for good news.

I love it! As I have been trying to make changes in my life (and Lord knows I am not perfect nor do I claim to be), I am trying to make God my reason for everything I do. And let me tell you, change is hard. I talk to my friends now and when and if they have problems and we begin talking about them, one of the first things I will say is " Well you know God said....." and they just kinda look at me like " ahhhhhh aren't you the same one who use to......." Yeah, that's me. I guess everyone has to grow up at some point, even at 36. I just know that our time on Earth is very limited and we need to be talking to as many people as we can about Christ. I am not perfect at it yet, there is still alot I don't know and can't answer, but I am not gong to give up. I love being with my friends here on Earth and can't imagine what it would be like in Heaven without them!!

I love you all bunches!!! Have a great day and Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have a friend who is really going through a difficult time in his life. He has decided that he and his wife are having too many issues and they should be divorced. Alot of things brought them to this point and as far as he is concerned, there is nothing else to do but leave. I spent about 2 or 3 hours a few nights ago talking to him. You know how you can tell sometimes when you talk to people who have seemingly made up their minds that their minds are not really made up? Well, that's what I got. I told him, ANYTHING is possible with God. (Matt. 19:26, For with God all things are possible.) Although it seems like all is lost, it really isn't. Satan is alive and well and he is the one who has you believing that things can't work out. Although he understood what I was saying, I could tell it didn't matter a whole lot.

I also believe with all my heart, that everything happens for a reason. I have said that so many times, I probably need another tattoo with that saying on it! Sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair but, upon reflection, you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, will power or heart. He doesn't see that now, nor do any of us when we are going through things, but after all is said and done, I know that personally have just been like "OHHHHHHH OK, I get it now!!!"

And the hard part ( for me it was anyway)... forgive them. It's even a mouthful to say! If someone hurts you, betrays you or breaks your heart, forgive them because they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart to.

Matt. 6: 14 - For if forgive men when they sin against you, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do NOT forgive men their sins, your Heavenly Father will not forgive your sins. POINT BLANK!! And this was the hardest thing for me let me tell you. But I don't think that God wants you to be stupid, not necessarily forget, but once you forgive, then don;t bring it up again!!

So at the end of the conversation, I just said... I'm gonna just pray because I honestly believe there are NO problems that God can't fix in a marriage or any situation as long as the people are willing to open up, listen to God and each other and just be willing to work on the hard stuff. And I am asking you to pray also for my friend and his wife. I believe In the power of prayer .. it changes things and this situation is no different!!

I pray you all have a great day!! Love ya and Lord willing..........

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Morning

This weekend was great. The kids got to hunt eggs at George and Jay's house (our annual church event), I got to clean a little, church was great and the weather was perfect on Sunday, we spent the afternoon outside on the trampoline pretty much all afternoon on Sunday. As I laid on the trampoline looking at my pecan tree, I couldn't help but think how God made yesterday so perfect. Not a cloud in the sky.. not too hot, not too cold. The blooms were fallin on my face from the tree and other than the sneezing it made me do, it was perfect!

The day got even better when I logged onto the Internet and saw that the captain who was being held hostage at sea by the pirates was safe and sound with American troops. I mean, it just really does not get any better than that!!

I pray that through the egg hunts, big baskets and pretty new clothes that I saw yesterday, that you really got a chance to hear and know what yesterday was about. I hope that as you sat in church, or with your families, you got to talk about how Jesus came here and gave his life for each and every one of us and not only that, but that He is alive and that He had broken the power of sin and death!! wow........ it is going to be a great week!!

I hope you all have a great day!! Seems as though we may be getting some rain today. Try to stay dry!!

Until tomorrow, Lord willing... love ya!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Another work week is almost done. It's been a really good week. I imagine alot of us will be egg hunting and taking pictures with cute bunnies this weekend. As much fun as that is for the kids and even some adults, lets not forget what Easter is really about!

God sent His one and only Son to suffer on a cross for our sins. Last Sunday during communion, we heard exactly what Jesus endured while hanging on that cross. From nails being driven into his bones at angles to ensure He was in pain, being stabbed in the side, actually being separated from God for the first time for a few hours. If any of you have seen the Passion of the Christ.. well you know. And everything God the Father and God the Son did for us was out of their great love for us.I mean think about it.. God had already destroyed the world one time during the flood (Noah) and He could have easily done it again but because He wants us to be with Him again in heaven. .Jesus came to save us!!

I hope you all have a great weekend with family and friends and be blessed!! Lord willing

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Winning the prize

Last night I watched a show on MTV called From G's to Gents. basically, they take 20 or so guys who have had not so good lives, which may or may not include selling drugs, prostitution, stealing, all kinds of illegal things, and take 12 weeks and try to turn them into respectful citizens. Then each week Mr. Bentley (the "perfect" gentleman) makes his decision on who he thinks did well that particular week, passed all the challenges, and the one who didn't .. well.. he gets sent home with no hopes of becoming a gentleman. OHHH and the winner of the show gets a 100,000 prize.

Three things struck me last night as I watched. One, when the guy from the very first week goes home, I wonder does he go back to his old ways since he has only had one week to change. Can he honestly change in one week? And two, just because you actually win the whole thing, have you really changed, and last but not least, since this is about basically hustlers trying to win 100,000.. is it not likely that they are just doing this for the ultimate prize????? And all of this is based on one man's opinion.. Mr. Bentley.

What if God was like that? Let's see... we all have 12 weeks to change, only 12. And each week, God is gonna let us go through tests to see how well we handle ourselves. Then He gets to cast one of us out each week, until the last one is standing and the ultimate prize..... entering the pearly gates!!!

Thank you Lord it doesn't work like that.

'For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life'.

That's what He said. There is no number on that. It WHOEVER. We have redemption through Jesus' blood for our sins and with that, we can have forgiveness of sins. Now this forgiveness is not an automatic thing. I mean it does say also in the Bible

'Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of heaven'.

We have to repent and actually stop and change our old ways. Kinda like the guys in the show only not for 100,000, its for something much better! We need to confess that Jesus is Lord and believe and know that God raised Him. We need to make sure that the direction that our lives are going in is one that exemplifies Christ. Now this doesn't mean we won;t have problems along the way, as I am sure even the guy who finally wins the show will have as he tries to go back to his life with the changes he made, but knowing that God is with us through the problems and is willing to help us through them makes us stronger.

In the end.. if we are following the "rules" to live by, we will get the prize, the ultimate one and it's way better than 100,000, even in this recession. We get to spend eternal life in heaven with God.

I hope you all have a great day!! I think its gonna be sunny and warm today!! Lord willing, until tomorrow....

love ya!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Can we comprehend?

When we were in Disney World (you'll probably hear alot about that as time goes on) we stood in line for 75 mins to ride a ride called Soaring. It was the longest we stood in line for any ride in all the parks but it is so worth it. The ride is wonderful. It's like a ski lift. You get on, the lights go out and you are lifted to duplicate being on a ski lift except you are lifted over some great replicas of wonders of the world. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon, over orange fields, New York, Las Vegas etc... and even as you pass over these places you can "feel" them. As we passed over the orange field, you could actually smell the oranges. Ad we passed over this beautiful ski slope w/ snow, it got cold. (Disney is GREAT!!) As we passed over the Grand Canyon, I didn't smell anything, but I could feel wind and the view was beautiful and I realized once again, as I have alot lately, how great God is, how incomprehensible He is.

Man attempts to comprehend what we can see with the eyes or what we are able to know. We have a God who is incomprehensible. He is everywhere, all the time. All of His wonderful creations are all over the place and I guess it has always made me wonder how people just think that some BANG formed everything. There is no way things just happened. Everything around us was formed for our benefit by God including the skies, the rivers, the stars and the Grand Canyon.

Things are just becoming more "real" to me. Not that they weren't to begin with, but I am just in awe of a God who thinks so much of me to give me so many wonderful blessings.

Even as I came back into town, I saw (and people had been calling me too) about the rain Albany had been getting. The water was almost up to the bridge as I crossed it coming home. I remember being in Albany in 1994 and 1998 when it flooded. So many people lost everything they had, but even with that, I can't help but think that God sends rain to replenish the earth. Without that rain (and I know it was alot!!) trees and plants would die, plants and flowers wouldn't grow. I just hold on to the fact that God knows what He is doing.

What a great God we have to shower us with so many blessing and show us His wonderful works!! I hope you all have a great Wednesday. I love you all!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hey everyone!! I'm back!!!! And let me tell you, Disney World is the best place in the world. Even after a week of walking for at least 12 hours a day and running behind 3 children all wanting to go opposite ways, it was truly magical like they say. The stories I have to tell.... WOW. I saw 4 firework shows while I was there at night and it was wonderful. When they did the show at Epcot one night, I cried. I mean it really got to me. But it was a good cry. I told someone yesterday it was like what want heaven to be like. Not a care in the world, the sky was beautiful and for that moment, I was some where I really wanted to be. It was as close to perfect as I have seen on Earth. I know heaven is gonna be a million times better!!!

Before i left, you know I had car issues. Well on my way home I was praying hard. I just wanted to make it home without a hitch. I got to Valdosta and the kids were ready to eat so we stopped at Burger King. When we sat down by the window, I looked at the car and I knew right then, we were gonna be there a while. There was water and green stuff (anti freeze) coming from the bottom of the car. Great I thought.. so they finished eating and I decided to drive to the gas station next door. And so we sat.... I got on the phone and started calling and everyone pretty much said the car would have to cool down before I could take that cap off. Great....... 2 to 3 hrs in the heat with 3 agitated children... not fun let me tell you.

As we sat at the gas station with the hood up waiting, I had a few people in Albany who said they would come get us but I couldn't leave my car so I found a friend who had a friend in Valdosta who said they would come and check so I felt fine with that. Long story short, he never showed up and oddly enough not one person who stopped to get gas asked if we were okay or anything. That got me thinking too. I might be here a LONGGG time!!! Then this guy just popped up after 2 1/2 hrs. And I literally mean popped up. And this man was not someone I usually would even talk to. I mean he looked really strange, scraggly, not clean, and he actually scared me when he came over. He told me his name was Dan. I made the kids get back in the car and he asked what was wrong. I told him and he started checking. As he began to talk, I realized he actually knew when he was talking about or so it sounded like anyway. He told me I would be fine, just to drive slow, not to turn the air on and told me what to get checked when I got home. As he was putting the hood down, another man got out of a car and came up to me. He asked if I knew how to get to the Albany Mall. I gave him an odd look and said " you mean the Valdosta Mall"? He said no, I have been there, I am from FL and someone told my wife and I the Albany Mall would be a good place to shop. I stood there for a second and just looked at him thinking " Thank you GOD"!!! I told him I lived around the corner from the mall and he said well will just follow you in case you need more help with your car. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.. as I turned around to thank Dan... he was gone. I mean literally gone. I looked for a car, something to try to stop and thank him and I dint see him. So I got in the car and the other man followed me all the way to the JC Penney parking lot, asked if I would be okay and went on his way.

I honestly believe Dan was my angel. Sound odd... well I don't care. All I know is that I was scared to death I would have to be stuck there for a while and he showed up out of no where to help me. God sent him, I have no doubt about that. Which is just another reminder to me that God is never far away from me when I need Him!!!

I hope you all had a great week last week, I know I did.