Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When I first did Weight Watchers (about 4 yrs ago) with my friend, I lost around 70 lbs. Now I'm pretty tall, but I can remember people just being in awe of the weight loss and I'll admit it all went to my head which is probably why I have gained just about all of it back now. But I remember going to my meetings and them saying that Weght Watchers was a lifestyle change.. it meant changing what you do and how you think about food and doing it forever. It wasn't hard, it was pretty easy once you actually started doing it a while... I guess I just got bored though and stopped. Hence going back to the same ole thing I was use to, including gaining weight!

I have been re reading the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and he said the same thing about Christianity as the Weight Watcher folks say about weight loss.... "Christianity is not a religion or philosophy, but a relationship and a lifestyle." It means making changes and sticking to them. There has to mental and physical changes in order for it to Christianity to mean anything in your life. Just like losing weight... you can't just close your eyes and hope for the best, it takes making decisions to change, making an effort to change and making sure you don't stop even when things get hard. And like Weight Watchers, once you make the decision to change your life, you will begin to see things a little different. There may be people that you have to stop dealing with, habits you have to break and places you may not be able to go anymore. But you can be sure that if your attitude has changed, if you have prayed and asked God for wisdom and guidance, that He won't let you down.

I hope you all have a really great Wednesday.

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