Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rubberband man

This is my friend Peacegirl's blog.. I copied it from MySpace ... she's pretty swiff if you ask me. And this has been me for a few days and when I re read it, I knew I had to post it. See.. right now I really do feel like a wad of rubber bands.. all tangled up, not really knowing which way to turn or how to get out. People really seem to think that because I write all the time and maybe come up w/ a few good zingers that life is okay. Somedays its really not and as a matter of fact. .I actually hate when people throw at me how strong I am, and how they admire me for whatever I have done. I get tired folks, my back feels like ts gonna break sometimes.. it just gets hard and when it gets hard, I am like everyone else.. I withdraw and go into my shell. Peacegirl's post really hit me and I wanted to share it with you also.

"A few other things to ponder:*

We cannot be spiritual(walk in the spirit) and be led by our emotions.

*Emotions won't go away, but you can learn to manage them.

*You can have emotions, but you can't always rely on them.

Are you feeling the pain of reality in your life, yet? I certainly did. This was an amazing thing to me, because for a girl who talks of peace all the time, I could not for the life of me figure out why I had so many zany emotions twirling about me! And I am telling you, it was robbing my peace something fierce. It affected my decision making to the point I could not make decisions with any sort of peace at all. For you see, I was truly living out of my every emotion.So, what to do? I saw the problem now and wanted to live life differently. I am not here to preach the gospel to you, but I do want to tell you what has impacted my life.

First of all, I recognized what and how I was allowing my life to directed. Next, I made a decision to search for myself and ask god to show me what He intended for us women and our emotions! And this is what He says: "You are fearlessly and wonderfully made" So, I quit beating myself up about my zany emotions. BUT, as in all areas of our lives, we should make a conscious effort to bring our emotions into balance. You get that, a conscious effort!By simply stopping to breathe, take a second to look at what we are feeling, sort the good and pure feelings from the entanglement of the negative ones, and foremost, build up your reservoir with a love for God.

Hmmm, you say...well, I love God! Well, yes, I do too! But we can love Him more. The more we find out about Him and His ways, the more we are going to love Him and the more we will want to have His ways displayed in us!And we will need a reservoir of love, because the next time someone or something ticks you off or makes you sad or whatever, if you have no reservoir to dig in.....then you are going to pop the heck out of the first person that gets in your way with that big entanglement of rubber band emotions.

So the next time you or I go slinging our rubber band emotions all over our kids, significant other, or the Wal-Mart employee....let's think about those rubber band emotions and kick in to management mode!

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  1. Wow, this was greatly written. I can totally relate....Thanks