Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yesterday I had a panic attack. I don't have those alot, it's actually been a long time, but I can normally tell when it is about to happen and yesterday was no different. I love my job, Lord knows I do, but we have been extremely busy these last few months and normally that doesn't bother me. But I guess just pressures outside of work followed me to work and when I saw my desk and office w/ all the "stuff" in it, while i was making a school specifications and realized that the pages were not printing right after I had already printed 20 of them, mind you this was a school job, ... well it just overwhelmed me a little and I pretty much lost it. It was right around lunch time and I was suppose to go to lunch w/ one of the Architects to a conference here in town. I wasn't too sure I needed to go.. I mean I had tons to do, and I really wasn't feeling good at all, but it was after all the "Refresh" Conference.. how could I not go, Lord knows I needed refreshing and I am so glad did.

He talked about refreshing your commitment to the Lord.

Joshua 25: 15 - ....... " As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

For a really long time, I did make and have made alot of excuses for the choices I made. And it was funny that somehow I always got the people around me to agree with me and basically put up with whatever I was doing. And life was good. But about a year or so ago, it began to bother me and even I couldn't tolerate the choices and no matter how much I did them, it started to get to me. Guess I was growing up some huh? Not to mention, I didn't want my children seeing me act a certain way and think it was okay. God was working and let me tell you I could definitely feel it, no question about it. So it was time to refresh that commitment I made a really long time ago when I got baptized.

As he said yesterday, we have to make a commitment that we are going to serve God. We need to take control of our homes, our children and make it God the priority, no questions asked.

I apologize for the jumbledness ( is that a word) of this, but that's pretty much how it was in my head and how it came out on here. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

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