Monday, February 9, 2009

And you know this HOW???

I have been really trying to hear God these past few months and for me, it's not always so easy. This past week was a prime example for me. Seems that lately God has brought alot of things BACK up in my life that I am having to finally deal with. My problem is that I have a problem telling if it's my voice or God 's voice I am hearing, so I make alot of decisions based on ME and not God.. I think as we grow in God's Will, it may become easier to figure it all out.

First I think we have to figure out what it is we want and then see if it lines up with what God has said in His Word. Satan has a way of "helping " us by getting us off track from what it is we need to be doing. I think that another thing we can know for sure is that hearing God's voice will lead to a peace that will never make us doubt. If God is in it, then there s nothing that should be able to make us doubt or regret any decision we have made. But like anything in life, its all a process including hearing God.

Sometime we don't hear as clearly as we like and we go with what we think we hear only to find out we may have made a mistake and that's okay. Its part of the learning process and I think that God can teach us even through mistakes. Sunday was beautiful and I decided to sit outside. No noise, no kids (they were sleeping), no cell phone, no distractions.. just me and nature (well the nature of my back yard). It was one of the most peaceful nights I have had in a while. And I listened... I really tried to hear what was being told to me. See I already knew while i was in the house what I wanted.. what I want, but when I stepped on the patio.. I let my mind just try to go as blank as possible and I listened... I am not going to tell you I had a revelation and that I heard some powerful voice from the sky..., I will tell you that I did have a sense of calm, peace and it allowed me to sleep well and have some clear thoughts.

A while ago in anothe blog I wrote that God hears everything you have to say to him, but it might not be His Will now or ever for that matter to give it to you.. meaning He knows best and MORE than you. And I will be the first to admit, that is hard for me cause I mean after all I KNOW what makes me feel good and what I think I need. key word being THINK.

By no means do I have the lock on hearing God and knowing all the answers and I have made more mistakes than a few but what I do know is that if it is really coming from God, if HE was the one who actually told you, then there is no reason to force the decision, it will happen just the way God planned for it to.

I hope you all have agreat Monday!!

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  1. We are definitely sisters from another mother but we have the same FATHER! Good write Danette♥ We think so much alike it is unreal.