Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to you........

My girlfriend e-mailed me this morning and was just asking me about my weekend. I answered her but I guess not like she knew I should answer and she wanted to know what was wrong. I mean nothing that I know of other than it's Monday morning and maybe the blahs ya know..... then I started typing a Contract at work and I typed the day and it hit me just then... today my daddy would have been 70 years old. It's his birthday. Wow...... I hate that I am forgetting days like that though.. maybe its getting older or maybe it's just that God is helping me not to be so stressed out. I don't know....

My daddy's favorite place to eat was anywhere that had steak so on his birthday, he normally picked a place and that's what we ate for dinner. He wasn't a picky man, not into flashy stuff at all. A few weeks ago he was described as a big teddy bear. I mean he was about 6'1 or so, about 270 lbs give or take a few and had the look of being someone who could take you out w/ one blow, but he was the kindest, sweetest, gentelest man you would ever want to meet. And that's not just because I am his daughter, it's the truth!

One of the MANY memories I have of my daddy (and I could go on and on literally about the stuff he did) but one of his favorite things to do was sit in the middle of the mall w/ my grandma (his mom) and eat ice cream and talk to people. He didn't care who it was he just liked to talk. Well one day, I was actually in the mall w/ them (shopping) and there was a group of school children taking a tour of the mall from out of town. They were about 4 or 5 years old. Anyway, he starts talking to the teachers and they tell him they are from out of town and he goes over to the ice cream place and buys them all ice cream cones. They even took a picture of him with the class and published it in their town newspaper. I have that in a box somewhere.. I need to find it.

But that's what I remember. And he was always like that, with my brother and I, with stragners.. that was just him. God really broke the mold when he made my daddy 9maybe that's the daughter coming out again.LOL), but its true. I am soooo proud and truly blessed to have been given the parents God chose for me. I miss my daddy alot.... but one day we'll get to eat that ice cream cone again!!

Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. Danette,
    I have to tell you what a service you are doing us all by writing this blog. I read it every morning at work and it really motivates me to keep moving throughout the day. I am so honored to have been able to read a story about someone who has molded you into the here and now through life and spirit. I understand the days that come and go with great misunderstood sorrow and sometimes celebration. I have one coming up on Wednesday that may come and go with sorrow or avoidance I am not sure, but you must know what this blog means to me and the rest of the pinned up office community.
    Love you much,
    Jennifer Martin