Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If the skies above you are gray

"If the skies above you are gray; You are feelin' so blue If your cares and burdens seem great, All the whole day through; There's a silver lining that shines, In the heavenly land. Look by faith and see it my friend Trust in His promises Grand...."

My daddy was one of the gentlest men I have ever known. There wasn't much that upset him and the one thing I can remember was him standing at the back of the church, opening and closing the door for people. While he was back there though, church would be going on and the one thing my daddy loved to do, other than helping people, was sing. I think I get it from him. He was actually in a gospel singing group that made a record. He LOVED to sing and Sing and Be Happy was one of his favorites. When we would sing that song, his hands would be in his pocket and he would be bouncing up and down, jingling that money in his pockets. Everyone could hear and my brother and I would get so embarrassed, I mean, singing was ok but lets not draw attention. But he didn't care, my daddy loved God and loved praising Him and he didn't care who saw him. He was singing because he was happy. And isn't that what it is about?

Praising God no matter what and not being embarrassed to do so. I have been in church and seen people raise their hands while worshiping, clap, close their eyes, do whatever they need to be feel God. I watch my children look at some of them like they were not sure what was going on or if it was even right. But its so easy for us to give praise and recognition to everyone else in the world, why not God?

So I guess its really simple today... just praise Him, period. Whatever works for you, just do it.. I'm really serious, I like to sing and most days (well everyday) I have my radio on at work so it wouldn't be an odd thing to come by my office and hear me singing. It makes the day so much better. Your whole attitude will change.. watch how God works in and through you.

"Sing and you'll be happy today; Press along to the goal. Trust in Him who leadeth the way He is keeping your soul; Let the world know where you belong, Look to Jesus and pray Lift your voice and praise Him in song Sing and be happy today"

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