Friday, February 20, 2009

Chapter 6 - I signed up for happiness

I think we are getting to the good stuff now.. LOL

I have a friend who keeps me in check everyday. She is the type of person who can tell something is wrong w/ me even through e-mail. She says it' all in my answers. She also will NOT let me get down on myself no matter what is going on. See I find myself always running around trying to get stuff done and not calming down and focusing on what is most important. She can find good in anything and reminds me of that everyday. And I think that's how it needs to be.

We all are going to have good days and bad days. Each day contains God's work and also Satan's ploys. Satan tries to keep us soooo busy, running around trying to get our hands in a little of everything and we forget to STOP, and just think, and rest and meditate on God's will and promises. The question is which one will you choose to set your days? Which will you let control your moods and emotions? And will you stop long enough to let God work in your life???

I am really not a morning person as I have said many times, but I am trying me best to make an effort to be positive each morning. But when you think about it, I should be happy every morning I wake up period. There are so many people who have illnesses that keep them in bed, no jobs to go to, nothing to eat....... and I gripe about having to go to work because am tired.... seems wrong...

When I started reading this chapter the first people I thought about were my parents, my mom in particular. My daddy was the kindest man in the world and I don't remember too many day that he was not happy. He sang or hummed ALL the time. He would stand in the back of the church on Sunday mornings (he greeted people as they came in the church) and he always had a smile on his face. I think back on it and smile myself because that's the kind of life i want to have. Not letting anything get me down, trusting that God will take care of everything no matter what. And my mom... I have posted things before from her book that she wrote in everyday. My brother actually has two of the books and I have the other ones. But the book is called " I am Thankful for..." and each and every single day she would write about what made her happy, things she was thanking God for giving her. Let me tell you I was proud to always be named on those pages but it gave me a new prospective. It doesn't matter that things don't always go your way, they normally won't, but we need to find the good in each day.

I really try now to get outside as much as possible.Sitting on the patio just listening.. it's one of my favorite times as you all know already. God is there, He has shown Himself in everything around me. It's the calmest, most relaxing time of my day. It's when I can go to God and tell Him just what I want Him to know and a place I go to wait on my answers.

Right now we can choose to enjoy the happiness we signed up for, we just have to open our eyes and ears and be ready to accept it!!

I love you all! Hope you have a great weekend... Lord willing we will meet again on Monday morning!!

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