Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be a blessing!

A few weeks ago I was taking Brianna and her best friend to basketball practice when we stopped at a store to get her a drink. As she came back out, I noticed 2 men coming out behind her. As she got to the car, the men walk on the side of my car, Brianna stood there and watched them, and finally got into the car. She started telling me that she needed .50 to give to this woman who was standing behind my truck (I never saw her even walk up) and that the 2 guys had given her their change and she needed some to give to the lady. That she told them she had just gotten out of the hospital and she needed some change (for what I have no clue). So I gave her the change I had and her and her best friend got out and gave the woman the money.

As far as that woman goes, she could very well have lied. Who knows, but I was really proud of Brianna for wanting to help someone. The Bible tells us over and over how we are to serve others, help those in need. It was the example that Jesus himself showed everyone. It is not for us to judge what a person will do with the help we give them. God didn't have that as a stipulation in the Bible when He commanded us to help only to "do unto others". And it's not just the people on the streets asking for money. I would be willing to bet that we all come in contact with people everyday that are in need of something. Doesn't have to be money, could be someone in need of a listening ear. But in order to figure all of that out, we have to be willing to put ourselves out there and maybe even in some uncomfortable situations. For those that are blessed enough to have more than what we call basic needs, for those that are good listeners, for those that can fix things or just have a car to take someone to the doctor, we should be more than willing to share what God has so blessed us with. Like i have said before, my friend Pam says " be blessed AND be a blessing" and I think that so many times we get alot of the first part of that and not so much of the second.....

I love you all bunches. I get a long weekend this week (4 days) and I am SO ready for it. Not doing much of anything, but even that is a good thing! Until next time, Lord willing....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ordinary People

In my Lifegroup at church, we have been studying a book called Judges. Not a book of the Bible that I just run to for reading but it has been very interesting. Interesting in the sense because it talks about how God used ordinary people to do some pretty extra ordinary things. The one this past week was Samson. We all know the story of Samson... long hair, kills a lion with his bare hands and ended up killing alot of Philistines in the process. But he was also just an ordinary man, who had ordinary problems the entire time, including sleeping with a prostitute.

What about David. A man after God's own heart. A king. But he had his problems too... remember Bathsheba and her husband who got put on the front lines so that David could hide his sin??

And my favorite, Saul. Probably killed more Christians than anyone in the Bible. But God even used him, changed his name to Paul and he ended up writing a majority of the books of the New Testament.

The world seems to be so impressed with money, power, looks, status, and sadly, even the church sometimes. But God, could care less about those things. He looks and uses something that most of us don't even think about... He looks at the heart of the person and how they can accomplish the works He has given.He is looking for simple, plain, not flashy, ordinary people who want nothing more than to glorify Him. And please hear me when I say that people who have money and power and all that other stuff can still be used by God, I have seen that for myself, but since the world is not overrun by these people, doesn't it seem obvious that somehow, someway, God will find another way to get His message out?

I Corinthians 1:27-29 - "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him."

We need to start looking at ourselves the way God sees us. Forget what we think we CAN'T do and trust God to work in our lives. Easier said than done I know but I figure, Hey, it hasn't really been working my way and as the saying goes, if you keep doing what you always did, you will get the same results you always got". So why not try something new today? Never know how many lives you'll change in the process.....

I pray you are all doing well. Half the work week is over AND we have a long weekend. Life is good. Until next time my friends, "be blessed and be a blessing" to someone. Love ya!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Right or Left?

Last night I posted a comment on Facebook: "Do you ever wonder maybe if you took a left turn instead of a right, you could be someone different?"

It wasn't meant to sound like I didn't like my life or that I thought I had taken some wrong path. I actually think that right and left could be right or wrong, depending on the person. Our decisions and choices shape who we are and we learn from them, either way. But then I think... those same choices, good and/or bad, also are creating our future, because those choices will determine whether we go to heaven or hell. And in the United States, we are especially proud that we have the "right to choose" but rarely do people think about the consequences of these actions and choices.

My daughter told me the other day that she really didn't know what she believed or what she should do, so she just decided to "do something" and that something happens to not be good. But trying to explain that even the choices you are making today will effect you in 10, 15 or 20 years, well... let's just say, I am still trying to explain, and not from what I read or heard, but from what I know.

The Bible says "to overcome evil with good" and the way to do this is making a effort to change our thoughts and actions to positive one. Really ask, WWJD??? And then do it. Ask God to allow the Spirit to move in our lives, to guide us in the right direction so that our future will be secure with Him.

I pray you all have a great day. I had a bit of insomnia last night. I think I finally laid down around 3:00AM so I pray that I don't pay for it today! I love you all and until next time, "be blessed and be a blessing"!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My sons went this past week on their first tubing trip in Florida down the Ichetucknee River. I have never been there myself, but normally the church takes the kids every year so I felt pretty safe about them going even though I have this major fear of water. Khaaliq can swim a little and Chris, well he takes after me in that fear of water thing. BUT, they both wanted to go. Up until the day of the trip I got asked a million and one questions, some of which I did not know the answer to so I suggested that they both get life jackets when they got there. Once they got there, I think from what I heard, the trip started off really good and then it started to rain. Hard enough that the rain drop hurt when they touched skin and I think maybe there was a little thunder and lightening too. NOW, if you have ever heard me talk about my boys, you know they are afraid of lightening and Chris, well every time it rains, he thinks a tornado is coming. At this point, what can you do in the middle of a river in the rain? PADDLE, which is something that my boys did NOT want to do. So through the crying, tears and help from others there, they made it down the river safely and even asked me when they got home if they could go again next year.

My boys, and the some of other kids on trip were really afraid of what they thought would happen once it started raining. So much so that for a few of them, it paralyzed them to the point of not even moving in the water and someone else having to push them down the river.

Satan's mission is to steal, kill and destroy us. And that is what fear does to us. Fear makes us doubt our decisions and makes us uncertain about everything we do. And when we allow fear to creep into our thoughts and lives, we will miss out on what God really wants for us and wants us to do. 2 Timothy 1:7 says "For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline."

God is not a God of fear, but a God of love, self control and peace. When we ask Him to help us, we can't do it with doubt in our hearts and be double minded, that's what Satan wants. And like my sons, I have also been in a state of fear. I think that sometimes when God shows us what it is He really wants us to do, we come up with all kinds of excuses as to why we really can't do it. Even to the point of telling ourselves that God must have that one wrong because I know that can't be done. When do we wake up and actually start believing what we are telling everyone else. That God really IS in control and no matter where He leads me, I am going to follow because we know He is with us.

I pray that you all have been well and that you are enjoying your summer vacations. Until next time, Lord willing, love you and be a blessing!!