Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank you God for my trials

I journal alot and I was going through it last night and decided to copy this. I hope I don't bore y'all to tears, but I really just want you to know that no matter what i going on, God is there even when you think he's not. I went through a long period, a very long one, thinking I was all alone and that He had forgotten about me. Thank GOD we havea loving and forgiving Father who only wants to see us with him one day!!

I am sitting on my bed, listening to my sons laugh and play. My daughter, although not in the best mood, is watching TV, but shes okay. Its cold outside but I can get up and turn the heat on in a minute. Chinese was the menu tonight, not for me, but the kids. They like it. Tomorrow I am gong to an honors breakfast for my daughter and at noon, having lunch w/ three friends. Everyone is heatlhy and happy.

As random as this seems, its really not. I said before in a previous blog that this year was going to be different, that God had plans for me, that I was not going to do the same ole dumb things and so far, this year.. God is keeping me on track cause I KNOW I am not doing it alone. I have to thank god EVERYDAY for allowing me to deal with disappointments, pains, sufferings, late bills (although not my favorite), upset kids, and just life ... you know why.. because He has made my back strong!!! He allows me to learn and learn and also to teach some things I learned. No matter what the devil tries to do, God is gonna counter and take care of it. No matter how much more I THINK I can't handle, He lets me know that not only can I handle it, but I OVERCOME it. What a powerful and rewarding feeling to have. to know that someone has my back even if I slip a little or even alot.

There are times that I wonder WHY I had to go thru the divorce and now it still seems that I feel the backlash from it even after 4 yrs..... Its okay to wonder why and ask questions but dont let that stop you from moving forward. Life is NOT easy and anyone that tells you that is a liar. You will always have problems, big or small.... but how are you going to handle them? I am not the best always by any means but I try. I am not giving up, I won't I can't. I have three people in the house counting on me to wipe tears, help w/ homework and just make what isn't right, right.

Thank God for the bad times, He knows what He's doing!!

Have a wonderful and safe week ladies!!

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