Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So yesterday was daddy's birthday

and today is my sister's birthday. Bet y'all didn't know I had an older sister did ya. Well, I do and today she turns 46 (or maybe its 47).. but she is about 10 years older than me. We didn't grow up in the same house. We have the same daddy, her mom died before I was born. Now her and my brother are pretty tight, they even look alike (like my daddy), but me and her and oil and water, salt and pepper. We are just different and have never been really close. I mean I can remember looking up to her when she left to go in the Navy but after that, its all a blur. She left Albany, never to return again and maybe I resented that a little. She has other brothers and sisters that live here, that are not my bothers and sisters but we all have the same last name.. go figure right??? She actually comes here to see them all the time but I never know she is here until she is gone. That always bothered me.. why I don't know, but it did. Anyway, I have a niece that is 25 and a nephew that is 15. They all live in Fl except my niece who is in the Navy overseas somewhere right now. Last time I saw my sister was at my grandma's funeral.. that was a few yrs ago.. the time before that was our daddy's funeral, that was 10 yrs ago.

But I always remember her birthday, it helps that is was close to daddy's.. maybe I'll call her today......

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