Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be still

When I bought my house, the thing that sold me was the back yard. It was fenced in, big enough for the kids and it had a patio for me. And the one thing I love to do is sit on the patio, especially during a light rain. I have a huge pecan tree in the middle of the yard and when I am out there (with the kids asleep or not here) I can sit out there and think. One night probably close to midnight I decided I needed a little fresh air so I got a blanket and went outside to just be by myself. It was so quiet, I guess everyone else was in bed.

I don't know if it was lights from a distance but the sky had this Halloween orange kinda thing going on and I heard a noise. I looked up and I could see something in the neighbors tree. A bird I guess... but I just listened. I heard the wind through the trees, cars going down the next street and as I glanced around to try to find the noise I heard, I figured out what it was. It was an owl I think ... it was making that "hoo hoo" sound and I stood up to see if I could see it. Well he must have heard me too because when I stood up, the branch snapped and he flew from the neighbor's yard, through mine and then he was gone. It was beautiful.

Psalms 46:10 - "Be still and know that I am God."

I think we all need that "patio" moment. We all need to stop, calm down, throw our hands to our sides and listen.. listen to God talking. He does you know? These past few months I have heard it,. maybe not like I hear my kids talking to me, but He has through the bird flying across my yard, my cat meowing, my dog barking, the flowers blooming on the fence. So take some time today, and just be still. Our prayer should be that God slows us down enough to take vacations in our minds to calm us down, take time to read a few lines in the book you bought, take time to pick a flower, or just walk from your front door to the end of your driveway and experience the wonders that God has given us.

Have a great day

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