Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chapter 2 - I didn't sign up for a painful childhood.

When I started this chapter I didn't think it would apply to me. I mean I had great parents, really. My mama and daddy were perfect examples of Christians, parents, man and woman, I mean I was really blessed. Honestly, looking back, I think that maybe because my parents were so good to us, I thought that everyone MUST be having the same feelings about growing up as I did. But then I see things on the news about children being locked up in small boxes or cages for punishment, children being dropped off at birth in trash cans, children being so stressed and depressed that they hurt those around them.....

Satan is very busy. He plants the seeds of destruction as Donna calls it early on in life. The earlier it is planted, the deeper it will be rooted and more difficult it will be to uproot. That's Satan's plan. But there is also one who is stronger and Satan knows that too. Just as with anything, we need to ask God to help free us of the painful childhood we have endured. Freeing us may mean facing the issues head on. I had to do that with a few things we may talk about later on. Once you have done that you must rely on the Holy Spirit to remove all the hurt and pain. Donna says (and I agree) that God never reveals our pain just to hurt us. Its to heal us. I really believe that things happen for a reason and I know that sounds crazy when you talk about small children, but I have to believe that God is not trying to hurt us. He said that. So everything is for some form of learning and to help other along the way. I just pray that we don';t let Satan fool us into thinking otherwise.

I hope you all have a blessed day. Lord willing, until tomorrow...... love ya!

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