Thursday, February 5, 2009


There are times when I am not so positive. I think the way I wake up in the mornings pretty much controls my whole day and being as I am really not a morning person makes it even worse. I have to MAKE myself not be such a pain in the butt when I get to work. I mean I don't mean to be mean, but sometimes I am and they can see it. It something I constantly work on.

Sad to say, but I have had so many things go on in my life that negative attitudes became a way of life for me. To me, there was no other way to think and it became a part of my life daily. It actually felt good. I believed every negative thing I thought and no one for a really long time could tell me anything different. My attitude was ALL wrong.

I love being around positive people. Their attitudes are contagious. I want to be around them all the time in hopes that their attitude will rub off on me. But attitude is a choice. Even though situations may not change, people won't change but we make the choice to think positive or negative. We know makes God promises to us if we are living how we are suppose to. So if we think and concentrate on these promises, then the negative will not take control of our days. I had to and I think we all have to take control of our thoughts and find out exactly what God wants us to do and how He wants us to handle situations. So put yourself around people and things that influence you in a positive way.. the number one being God. take time to read, study and pray and let the Holy Spirit guide you in your daily walk.

I hope you all have a wonderful WARM day!!! The weekend is almost here... Be blessed and Lord willing, until tomorrow.....

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