Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You are the One true God, there will never be another...

We have been having VBS at church this week and tonight is the last night (bring the kids if you can) and the kids love it. Well, we adults do too actually. My favorite time is when we sing. All of us have our favorites and to be honest with you, us adults like what we like, the old songs! There are just some songs that will go down in Westwood VBS history and have to be sung every year. But, we also get new songs that take us a while to learn the dance moves and words, but by the last night, we normally catch on. On the way home last night, I hear some humming in the back seat. Chris has his new favorite song... " One True God" and I must admit, it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine too.

"You are the one true God. There will never be another. You are the faithful God, forever we will praise your name"

I seriously wish all of you could come out and watch the kids (from 1 to 18) sing these songs. I have said this before but it really gives me chills when they are singing to the top of their lungs about God being the center of their lives. And they also remind me that I have to choose to have the joy of the Lord and I need to learn to praise God better than I do. Yesterday was a rough day for me and honestly, when I got to VBS, I just wanted to go home, take a pill and go to bed. But with the help of a couple of really good friends, and some wonderful singing by alot of kids, the night got better fast.

I woke up this morning realizing everything that God has done for me. With so much going on in the world right now, it is really important for us all to be thanking God out loud for all of his blessings. We might not have all we want and things may not be going the way we planned, but He makes sure we have all we need. And if you don't believe me, take a look at some third world countries. And really, you don't have to go that far, try going down to your local homeless shelter. It might surprise you and make you see how much you really have.

I have a friend who lost her job a few months ago and I got a call from her saying her husband had just lost his too. But I just have to think, that even with that, even in the biggest storms and trials in our lives, we have to praise God and He will be there to comfort and give us peace and in the end, we will realize that His plan was much bigger than we realized in the beginning.

A week or so ago, Greg said in class I think that when we talk to people and they ask how we are doing, the normal response is " I'm fine and you" but we are not always fine. I think that people just don't want to burden others with their problems and I honestly believe too that people really don't want you to tell them how you really are because it puts them on the line to help if they can and most of the times, they really don't want to be that involved. But even if we can't physically do anything, we can always pray. And who knows, with all the prayers going up, things can change. I really am praying for you all and I ask that you say a prayer for me too when you think about it.

Here's to praying you all have a wonderful Wednesday and seriously, if you have a few hours to spare (6:00 - 8:30 pm) come out to our last night of VBS.. you'll be happy you did! Until next time, Lord willing...


  1. Hello,
    My mom is helping with VBS in our small town and she let me listen to a CD she was holding for the pastor. The 1st song was

    "You are the one true God. There will never be another. You are the faithful God, forever we will praise your name"

    Do you know who sings this song? The pastor would like to have copies of the CD made for all the kids in VBS but he wants to find out 1st if the music is copyright protected.

    I will continue searching the internet for information but I wanted to ask you in hopes you may know.

    Thank you and God bless,
    Steve (

  2. I stumbled across your blog while looking for the lyrics to the song - my kids have been in VBS this week and LOVE this song. What a simple song, but so powerful. Your post is very encouraging to read. Be blessed!

  3. My kids are in a VBS and they are singing this song, the first day I heard the song I love it and I am searching for lyrics and I saw your blog and have to read through it. This song is like an anthem in my house now as I do my humming too. God is good as the children inspired is through these songs.

  4. We are doing this at our church this year. The song is by Jay Stocker!