Monday, June 21, 2010

About a week ago, Tony and I went to the bookstore for coffee and to just sit and people watch for a while. As we sat laughing and talking, I noticed a little old man sitting on the bench outside the bookstore. He was alone and was reading a book. As people walked by him, he glanced up, smiled and continued reading his book. Then a couple walked by with a little girl, about 2. I caught sight of her before she actually got close to the man because she was singing some song and kind of skipping along without a care in the world.. she was really cute.

As she got close to the older man, he looked up and said something to her that made her stop. Her dad was pushing her stroller ahead of her so he didn't see her, but her mom was behind her and stopped to talk to the older man. The man then, reached into his pocket, took out a dollar bill and gave it to the little girl. She ran up to him, gave him a really big hug and ran to her dad to show him her prize. As they walked away, the mom was I guess telling the dad what had happened and I looked to see the older man with a smile on his face, go back to reading his book. I just let out a loud "AWWWWW" as the other people who were sitting in the bookstore also saw this and said what a kind man. Then, after a few minutes, he got up off the bench, walked through the bookstore and I guess out of the mall.

I couldn't help but think of my dad and the things like that he use to do in that very mall. That man, to me, showed how God would have us to live our lives. Caring enough about someone you don't even know to do something for them and not expect anything in return. You don't have to sit in the middle of the mall by any means and pass out money, but are you finding ways to be a servant for others? I was blessed to have someone in my life also like my own daddy, who always put others first no matter what and showed my family by example that God should be the center of your life. It was a long day yesterday for me. You would think that as the years pass, things would get alot easier, and even knowing that my daddy is in a much better place, I still miss him alot!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend. Lord willing, we will talk again soon.

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