Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's going to be okay

I heard someone say one time that people are always talking about having issues, and then picking up a Bible and opening it and it just falling to the exact thing they needed to hear. They didn't believe that could happen, or at least not as much as people said it did. I am here to tell you that it DOES happen and not only does it happen, it happens more than not in my experience. I think that when you are asking God for help, He really does give us quick answers sometimes. I went to bed last night pretty much not knowing what way to turn, definitely not knowing what to do about the situation and pretty much at my wits end. I prayed and fell asleep and this morning, the devotional I get in the mornings said this:

"Despair is pretty simple. It is the absence of hope. Despair knows of no way to go on or even any point in doing so. When events crush us, we realize we are totally out of control and without resources. Despair is one of the most debilitating emotions we can feel and it's a very hard pit to dig out of, especially without help.

Yes, but there is help. God understands how we feel and allows (even encourages) us to express ourselves honestly. The Psalmist sings: "O my God, my soul is in despair within me" (Psalm 42:6) and then goes on to provide an antidote.

Therefore I remember Thee from the land of the Jordan, and peaks of Hermon, from Mount Mizar." You may wonder: what kind of a solution is that? I'll explain. The land of Jordan was the land promised by God to the Israelites who took possession of it after a forty year walk in the wilderness.

Jordan represents fulfillment and promises kept. Though the Israelites endured a season of great difficulty there was an end to it - a good end! Remember: an end will come to every hard season and God's promises will always be fulfilled.

What about Mount Hermon and Mount Mizar? Those are the high places that lift us out of our circumstances so that we are above them instead of under them. Mount Hermon was snow capped year round and provided nourishment for the land below and water for the Jordan River. When you start to feel despair, look up. There is a mountain you can climb in the Lord which will supply your need.

Are you struggling with despair? Remember God's promises and starting climbing. Embrace hope. It will not be in vain."

I have been told I am a fixer. I don't like people having issues and if I can figure out a way to help, well that's what I do. I'll take that. I do that alot as a matter of fact. All out of love though I assure you. And if they can't figure it out and I can't figure it out, well, my brain goes into overdrive because there IS a solution, I just need time. But this time, there is really nothing I can do but pray about it. I think that God sometimes allows us to get into situations that NO ONE can figure out. I think that is to make us realize who is really in control, especially when we think we have all the control. I also think, like i said yesterday, that if we have issues in our lives that are blocking our prayers, it is not until we get those fixed that things will begin to start working out.

The one thing to remember though is that no matter what route you decide to take, the long or the short one, there is no way of getting around God's promises and how they will be fulfilled. You can't compromise and He's not going to let you. We say all the time that we believe and trust in God's power and wisdom but then go off half cocked doing whatever it is we want, getting upset because things don't go our way and mad when we think God has let us down when the whole time, it's our faults anyway for being hypocrites. Go figure... and I say this from my own experiences. It's about time we just stop SAYING what sounds good and really start living and believing it.

I love how I open up e-mails and God speaks to me. Believe it or not.

I pray you all have a blessed day. Pam and Jay.. LOVED your blogs, they made me laugh and cry and that's a good thing. I will be praying for you both!

Until next time, Lord willing..


  1. I am glad you liked it - reading that blog post was just what I had been needing for a WHILE.

    This blog made me think about that Michael Jackson song - (go figure, me... a song, who would have thought? LOL) ---

    I love it!! ...and you!

  2. I love, love, love, LOVEEE that song Jay!! The very first time I heard it, I cried!!!