Monday, June 28, 2010

A Christians life should be Christ-centered. We have to give up what we feel we need and want and concentrate totally on Christ and His word. I think most of the times, we think we know exactly what we want and need and expect God to basically just listen to our request, fill them and be happy. But how can we really expect God to do anything we ask and we are not following His commandments like we are suppose to? There is no tweaking it to our advantage either, we can't half do it, it's either all or nothing. No in between.

So Sunday as I sat in church, Greg said something once again that will stick with me a long time: " God wants full custody, not just visitation right". What can I say, I love it!

God expects us to live the lives we are suppose to live. He does not just want to see us on Sunday mornings and Wednesday night Bible Studies. He doesn't want us just talking a good talk, but really striving to walk the walk Christ did while He was here on earth. None of us are perfect, no one will get it right all the time, but our goal is to daily continue to try.

What a wonderful weekend I had. It didn't hit me until last night that I got to spend my weekend with people I love dearly. I think from the time I got off Friday until last night, I was with all of my friends and loved ones. It was great and I actually had a little separation anxiety last night when I finally settle down BUT I do know how blessed I am to have all of them in my life. God is good!

I pray you all have a great Monday and Lord willing, we will talk again soon!

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