Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I know just how my life needs to be. I need a wonderful man in my life. I think that I am really a marrying type of girl. I have no doubt in my mind that I am suppose to have a little white picket fence, nice home and perfect man. I need my kids to make straight A's cause how else are they going to get into a good college. I need a new car because mine is probably on it's last leg and I also need a little used car for Brianna to drive. I need my patio redone because I just want that and I REALLY need to win the lottery because I hate stressing every month on which bills will get paid and which ones won't. I mean seems logical and fair right? And I pretty much (if I was to be totally honest) live my life with that kind of attitude. I know exactly what I need, how I need it and when I need it so I don't understand why God doesn't see it like that?

I think (well I know) that God does not work on our time. The things we THINK we need right then, the way we think our lives are suppose to be, well, it may not be in God's plan as of yet so it is not going to happen no matter what you do. Case in point: I HONESTLY believe that I am meant to be married. I mean I loved being married, loved being a wife, loved taking care of the house and I honestly believed that it was meant to me. So much so that after I divorced my ex husband the first time, when I moved back from Texas, I married him again. I get ragged and talked about alot because of that. People seem to have thought I was clueless and a bit ignorant. But my perception and the way I looked at it was that God wanted my family together and whatever I had to do to make that happen, I would. Well, it was not in God's plan and He quickly showed that to me this time. And so it was.

We cannot MAKE god do anything He is not good and ready to do. I don't care how much you want a person, how much you want stuff, how much you want whatever it is you want. And we cannot get over on God. Like seriously... do you actually think that you can do whatever you want and think God is going to be pleased and then give you your way? Hmmmmm....

The moment we decided to give our lives totally to God, to surrender our every thought to Him, the moment we realize that our lives are not for our personal pleasures, but that they are to be used to spread His message and share with others, I really think that things will work our better than we could have ever imagined. And those things that we THOUGHT we needed and wanted, we will be so glad we didn't have the control we thought we had.

I pray that you all have a wonderful day. Until next time, Lord willing....

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