Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lots going on in my brain right about now!

I have been thinking and praying alot about some things that have been going on in my life. I would have to say probably more thinking than praying if I were to be totally honest. I sit outside, wonder why things are happening like they are and pray for a change. And as you know, sometimes it's a very slow process before we actually see any change, which for me, is discouraging. Now I realize that things don't happen overnight (although they can), and all things are in God's time and not mine, but I still have a really hard time with that.

You ask people to pray for you, and people ask me to pray for them and I got to thinking about that. Do you realize that as easy as it sounds, praying is really hard for some people? I was reading a devotional I got recently she said in it" reality of prayer is that is is more talked about than practiced." She also said that prayer was "hard, sometimes boring and a mystery " and because of us maybe not understanding completely how God works, we tend to get discouraged.

I know according to scriptures (1 Peter 3:7, James 1:8 and Psalms 66:18) there are so many things that can hinder our prayers. Things that we are doing in our lives, not forgiving others, praying with the wrong motives, being double minded and sin, that can keep our prayers from being answered. So I guess then, it becomes a matter of finding and figuring out what you need to change in order for God to actually hear and answer our prayers. None of us are perfect. I really believe that most people wake up and strive to do what God wants them to do even if they are not thinking about it. We have to remember though, that Satan is roaming the earth daily, waiting for us to slip up, giving and putting things in out path that will cause us to stumble. But praying for discernment, actively seeking God daily, well Satan hates that. So that's what we have to do.

It may not be going the way we want it to be right now, time may be moving slow but keep praying. Do not give up mo matter what is going on, no matter how discouraged you get. I really believe in my heart that prayer makes a difference. If that means getting up 30 minutes earlier to have your coffee outside and watch the sunrise with God, do it. If it means staying up 30 minutes later to talk to God about your day, do it. I mean whatever works for you. We have no issues when its time to go to ball games, when it's time to take the kids on the weekend getaways, or when we need send the kids away so we can have out time alone. When does God get His? And I'll admit, I am just as guilty, so why question when things are not going right ya know? How can you expect them to when God has given us everything and we cannot even take time to give back to Him?

Lots of things going on in this brain of mine. All I can ask is that you just keep praying for each other, seriously. There are so many things we have going on in our lives, just between the people who read this e-mail and no one knows. And you know what, you really don't HAVE to know all the details, God's got that part down. All you have to do is realize that it really is NOT about you, that there are so many people right in the towns you live in, people you work with, that have things going on in their lives and all they need is a little relief. That's where you and the praying come in....

I really hope that you all have had a wonderful week so far. I think our mission team will be flying back in soon so please pray for safe travels home. And as always, Lord willing, we will talk again soon. Love ya!

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