Monday, May 3, 2010

So, once again it seemed to me that the sermon Sunday morning was made especially for me. Isn't that how it always is.. stuff going on and you really don't feel like being bothered. You try and try to stay positive because you know it's for the best, but your heart just really is not in it. You would honestly rather be any place other than where you are so you can sit and sulk in private. And then he did it. We have been studying the Beatitudes and this week... yep.. " Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God".

So Greg starts preaching on how if our hearts are not right, if we have all these things blocking us from receiving God and His Word, that even though we hide things from each other, we can't hide it from God because He knows no matter what we do. He said the heart is what makes us us. You know, there are many people who are easily impressed with "stuff". They look on the outside and see the houses, the cars, the jobs, the relationships and make alot of assumptions and use the outside appearances to measure a person's success or greatness. But if we really are honest with ourselves, none of this stuff matters. We can on any given day have our "things" taken away from us, but the inside, the heart, if it is pure, will never change and that is what God looks at.


So after lunch, I just prayed and had an honest talk to myself and yeah, I even answered back. It is very easy for me to get wrapped up in my own world and my motives become, well impure. I start to think about no one but myself and that double-mindedness keeps me from really seeing and feeling God. There is nothing I can do alone, including trying to maintain a heart that is right with God, but with Him all things are possible. I pray for all of us that we really try to focus and soak up all the positive energy around us (as my friend Jazz tells me all the time), not to let anything distract us from wanting to know God and open our heart totally to Him.

I pray you all have a blessed Monday. I think the weather is getting ready to get bad so be careful out there! Until next time, Lord willing...

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