Monday, May 24, 2010

I am a bundle of emotions and reactions on any given day. I can start out really in a slump and by the end of the day, can be so hyper you don't want to be around me. Or vice versa. I can give you all the positive advice in the world and then in a few hours forget everything I told you and be depressed. I guess it's just our human nature although being that way makes it really hard for the people around you because they really never know how to take you.

I do find comfort in knowing though that God never changes. Since the beginning of time, from everything we have read and know about God, He has been the same since day one. And the really cool thing is that if He wanted to, God could change His mind and do anything He wants but without change or any correction, He is our everlasting Rock. He is always going to be a constant when the world around us seems to change everyday. How much have you done and how has your life changed in the past year? Think about it. I have had tons of things happen to me and my family, so of those things have made me rethink how I need to handle situations and I have done a few things different. But through all of that.... the laughs, the fun times, kids, the heartaches and pain, God has not made a contradictory move one time. Like it says.. His love endures forever.

So when it all seems to make no sense and you don't know up from down, just pray. I had to be reminded of that a few times myself this weekend. Continue to pray for each other. The person may never know you are doing it, but believe me they will certainly feel it!

I hope you all had a safe weekend. It was really hot here and I don't think this weekend is going to be much better. Stay safe and cool my friends and until next time, Lord willing... Love you all!

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