Thursday, May 27, 2010

The end of time...

It's been a few days, but all is well. Hope you are all doing good too!

This morning I was scanning the WALB website and came across this article:

I can remember being in high school and one of my classmates telling everyone that the world was coming to an end within our 4 yrs in high school. I can recall people being really upset, some just blowing her off and some like me, who went home and asked my parents and preacher was she telling the truth. What they told me was the same thing the preacher in the article said....

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father" - Matthew 24:36

Not even Jesus Christ knows the day the world will end, only God so I am wondering how these people feel like they know all the "signs" that are around them. I am no expert, but there have been earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, even other bad times in the economy before and we are still here. Things ARE bad right now in our world no doubt, but our time is not God's time and we just don't know. Further more, who really cares. Seems to me that instead of getting all worked up by movies like 2012 (which I DID see, and enjoy), we ought to make sure that when Christ comes, that we have done all we can do to ensure we go home with Him to heaven. We all need to make sure we are abiding in Christ Jesus, letting God be the main focus of our lives, live for others and not selfishly, know that trials and temptations are going to come our way but be patient and trust in God, knowing that He will handle it and hold fast to the teaching of Christ and not let Satan disillusion us in any way.

Jesus IS coming back one day but it is not for us to sit all day wondering when that will be. And honestly, it really does not matter when, as long as we are following His example and doing what we know is right...then we will be ready!

I love you all very much and Lord willing we will talk again soon!

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