Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Until I actually started paying to have my nails done, I use to bite them everyday. Sounds gross, but that's what I did. My son does that too. When my daughter reads a book, she rubs the other page with her fingers and it makes this irritating noise. She never even knows shes doing it and the noise doesn't bother her. It's just a habit. All of us have them whether you know it or not.

Habits are things that we repeat over and over. After the first time we do something, it is normally easy to do it again, hence the habit. And this may not always be good things. Some habits are one we really need to break.

Have you ever thought about what your "Christian" habits are? Maybe habit is not a good word... how about things that become second nature to us as Christians. Reading our Bibles, praying daily, teaching our children, going to church, helping others..... I have heard so many people, including myself, say that they just don;t have time to read their Bibles or even pray. Its not that you don't, it's what you want to do. We find time to do everything else that we want to do other than what we NEED to be doing.

I have vowed that I will read a chapter a night in my Bible. Sometimes I run around so much that I am tired and find other excuses as to why I can't. But I make time to go to the gym, I work, I go to the kids school, I can cook, and even "find" time to hang out with a friend or two during the week. As much as God has given me and all of us, I think we can make time for Him.

So make it a goal... start by reading a chapter a night, read a Bible story to the kids, but spend time in God's Word everyday. The only thing this can do is grow our faith even more and get encouragement as we go through our daily lives.

I love you all bunches!! Have a great day and Lord willing......

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