Monday, May 4, 2009

Are we giving God our best or does He get leftover?

Happy Monday!!!!

I really enjoyed the sermon yesterday at church. We are in a series talking about being connected in society. You know, we all have a MySpace, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, etc page. We seems to have all kind of ways to stay connected to each other. Anyway, during the sermon, Greg said " Are we content with giving God our leftovers?" That kind of hit home with me and I thought, WOW, do you know how often we, no I do that??

My children hate leftovers when we have them at home. Everytime I say that's whats for dinner they give me that look. There is just something about meat sitting in a frig overnight with grease sitting on it that they just don't lke. Go figure...

When I was trying to finish school, I was studying all the time. Trying to make sure that I passed these classes because after all, it would mean my family would gain more from it. I missed church a few times because of tests, studying and projects. I was really not a nice person during the last few semesters because I really wanted to finish. There was not a minute that didn't go by that I was not doing something that had to do with school and graduating. I was consumed with it.

Why can't it be like that with God?

Think about it... we work 40 hours a week, after work, we take the kids to practices, plays and whatever else they have to do. We find time to workout, go shopping, have time with out friends on the weekends and then , IF we are not to tired, we TRY to make it on time to church, give God what we haven't spent during the week and promise to do better next time. And we ALWAYS have excuses about why we can't make it to church or help someone don't we? Good one too..We claim that Jesus is #1 in our lives, but face it, we are in all honestly hypocrites.

Think about it... while we say we love the Lord and do His will, we still go on daily doing just what we always did and do, because we think we know best. Jesus is the Lord and master but we can't seem to fit a Bible lesson in for the kids during the week, make it to church to hear His word, serve in ministries, or help people in need. But we can always find time to work overtime, make it to practices, or just have some much needed " ME" time. Kinda seems unfair to the God who is the one who allowed you to have that job, that house, the children, etc.

I just thought alot last night about it... God is getting our leftovers in alot of aspects of our lives. I think maybe it's time to reevaluate and make sure that if God is truly #1, we need to start acting like it!

I hope you all have a great Monday. I hear it's suppose to rain. Stay dry and Lord willing......

Love ya!

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