Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As my daughter had her Honor's Day last Friday, all I could do was cry. For alot of reasons.... one, she was at the school that her grandma (my mama) taught at and as she walked across the stage getting her awards, I couldn't help but think that her grandma was smiling every single time they called her name. Second, I was crying because she was leaving middle school and in my head, she was about to have to start making some serious choices about her future. High school was coming and it was time to start thinking about what school she would go to college at, making sure her grades stayed up so she could GO to college, what kind of job she would have after college, you know.. all the normal stuff I guess parents get paranoid about. And of course she has it ALL figured out.... she's going to the University of Tennessee and play in the WNBA and be a lawyer. This had been her dream for as long as she could hold a basketball and for almost as long as she could talk, she wanted to be a lawyer, that has never changed.

So this weekend, I thought alot about my daughter and her future. But then I thought, what if something happens and she can't do any of the stuff she wants to do, where does that leave her? I thought about my sons and what they are gonna do after high school.. the military, college, marriage, kids...??I think its good, no great to have goals in life and to have some questions answered on how you will handle things and situations, but what about a more important question: where will she (or any of us) spend eternity? Do you know?

I am not trying to be morbid in any way, but one day our earthly bodies will go away and we will either live in eternal joy and peace or eternal pain and suffering. When Jesus was hanging on the cross between the two thieves, one of them knew and believed who Jesus was and repented right there. - Luke 23:42-43 "Then he said, Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom. Jesus answered him, I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."The thief had a change of heart and he believed and because of that, he was forgiven and is going to spend the rest of eternity with Jesus in heaven.

Have we really changed our hearts and turned from lives of sin? Do we trust God with everything we have and believe He is who He says He is? Like I said, not trying to be morbid, but it is what it is. We will all pass aways one day. I am very proud of my children and their accomplishments in school, I really am, but in the grand scheme of things, I really don't care where my children go to school, it doesn't matter what job they have, or how much money they make. All that matters is do they believe and where will they be when Jesus comes back.

Can you tell my mind wonders alot...LOL. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day. I think its gonna rain again. I told someone yesterday I like the rain, it calms me, gives me time to think and that's what I did last night.

I love you all and Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow!!

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