Thursday, May 14, 2009

Her life is over, or so she thinks!!

My daughter got her cell phone for Christmas and I don't I have really "seen" her sense. LOL.. She doesn't talk on it alot, but thank GOD for unlimited texting because my bill would be sky high if I didn't have it. She sleeps w/ the phone, eats w/ it, takes a shower w/ it, takes it to basketball practice.. she even asked me one Sunday morning to go back home b/c she left it and she "needed" it... we will not talk about how that conversation ended!! Anyway, about 2 months ago, that would be THREE months after she got it, she was playing w/ it and dropped it, cracking it in just the right place that she couldn't get any reception for calls. But she could still text. I told her then, I am not paying for another one, you raise the money and get it yourself. So she did but not before she got in trouble and got the phone taken away so she decides to spend the money on lets just say not so smart stuff.

Fast forward to last night. I am on the phone w/ a friend and she comes in my room crying like she had lost her best friend and throws the phone on the bed. I pick it up and start laughing... its really not funny, but it is. The phone is just going on and off by itself... its about to kick the bucket. My friend on the phone is like" is she REALLY crying?".. ahhhhh yep.... so I tell her again, you had the money, you chose to do something else so now you have figure out how YOU are gonna pay to have it replaced. Not to mention, I had asked her to do something and she as so consumed with the phone, she had not even done it. Now she had PLENTY of time to get it done.Now she is REALLY crying.. I mean you would think she was dying.... in the end, she came up w/ this plan that included her daddy and for now... she seems alright... we'll see if she gets the phone.

I tell that story to say this, God is like that with us. Now I am not saying God made it so that the cell phone didn't work, but I had asked her to do something and she was in her own world, much like we are sometimes with God. He is asking us to do what HE wants us to do, and out response is " okay, I'll do it, just let me finish this first", but one way or the other HE will get our attention and it may not be in a way we like. Let try starting today, listening for what God wants us to do and try doing it on the first go round. He going to be happy and it will make your life much smoother!!

I love you all. I hope you have a great Thursday and Lord willing we will talk again tomorrow!!

PS - spinning class three..... check!!!

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  1. I had that same "crying over dying cell phone" scene at my house! Fortunately she HAD saved her birthday money and we could not get to the phone place fast enough for her. What is this world coming to?