Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time to clean!!

Every year I hear people talking about spring cleaning. You know... the weather changes and all of a sudden we get a burst of energy to tackle jobs around the house. Well... not me. I am more of a " I'll do it tomorrow", " I'll clean out the storage shed later on", " still haven't finished painting those cabinets over" Only problem is that some things sit and sit and after a while, you have no choice but to deal with them before you lose your mind. That would be me too....

Have you ever thought that's how we deal with issues, sin, in our lives? I mean the " BIG" ones we try to deal with right off, because after all we need to take care of those before anyone notices. But those "little" ones.. we don't think are a big deal. We can deal with those later on, but guess what, " those little ones can become just as great as the others.

Now first let me clarify...I DO NOT believe there is a such thing as a big sin/little sin. But don't we categorize them. Think about it and see if we don't do this sometimes.... if someone is having an affair, that is not NEARLY as bad as lying to someone, doing drugs is so much worse than telling a dirty joke...... hmmm... nope, ITS ALL THE SAME.. hate to tell ya!

But we tend to let those jokes, using the Lord's name in vain, and telling a little white lie slip by without a second thought. But I contend that those same things can become so overwhelming that they can began to control our lives. Christians are called to a higher standard and should know that these things are not something we need to be doing. We are told to be perfect in everything that we do.. that includes big AND small things. Lets all make a commitment to start paying attention to the "little" things too and let the spring cleaning of your heart, mind and spirit begin now!!!

Love you all... Lord willing............

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