Monday, August 30, 2010

When I got pregnant the 2nd (and 3rd time), I prayed for a little girl. I already had one and I really wanted a house full of women. There was something about just dressing them up like little dolls, frilly dresses and bows that made me smile. And after all, by the time Brianna was 3, dresses were OUT for her since she liked playing in dirt and throwing balls in the front yard. God, in His infinite and great wisdom, gave me 2 perfect little boys. Today, I SCREAM out THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I love my daughter more than words could ever tell, but we are so much alike, that we butt heads more times than a few. I pick at a friend of mine all the time because she has 3 little girls and I tell her all the time " Just wait". Something about alot of women in one place........ WHEW!!

As my daughter has gotten older, she seems to think that I don't know much about anything. She doesn't feel like she can tell me anything about what goes on in her life because I would "not understand" since she thinks I have never had a problem in my life. Well high school problem anyway. So I just try to explain and tell her that no matter what she goes through, it may not be exactly the same but I bet I have been through similar and if she wants to talk, all she has to do is ask.

As an adult, even after knowing this about my daughter, I feel the same way too. There are alot of things I keep to myself, try to fix on my own for the very same reason. No one understands so how could they help.Maybe you have thought the same thing. But even through all of your and my frustrations and problems, God knows exactly what we are going through. He sees it, hears our crys and feels it in our souls. He not only knows but he cares. I mean this is the same God who can count every hair on all of our heads. If he can care about birds flying in the skies, what they eat and drink, I know for a fact that He cares and loves the people He created. And because He cares for us, we can go to Him, give in every problem we have and leave it there. No worries, no stresses, no problems.. the End.

God loves all of His children and He does not want us stressing about anything. Pray and believe God will help us and He will.

I pray you all had a blessed weekend and have an even better week! Until next time, Lord willing

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