Friday, August 20, 2010

I struggle with really being happy and content with me just like I am. Always trying to find ways to change things up, say and do the right things for the right people just to fit in I guess. And it's funny to me that alot of people do it and don't even realize it. How many times has someone said or done something that you don't necessarily agree with or even know is wrong and never opened your mouth? How many times have you bought new things to try to fit in with the Joneses? How many times have you compromised principles just to remain friends with people who you probably didn't need to be friends with anyway? And don't think it just happens in the "world"...happens in church just as much.

I had the best conversation last night at dinner with someone who is one of the "realest" people I know. There was no topic that was off limits and I got some real and honest answers. And you know what? Satan works hard at stealing our confidence but God loves us just the way we are, flaws and all. He created each and every one of us differently so that we could ALL bring something different to the table. And being different is not always a bad thing. We need to stop trying to impress people with our big words and flashy things and start concentrating on God and what it is He wants. We need to stop allowing people to determine our self worth (one of my struggles mind you) and start seeing ourselves as God sees us... His children.

I am a single black woman. I thank God for being able to finish school, have a job, take care of my kids, allow them to be involved in some of the things they like. I am thankful for my multi colored house that some people find "odd" because I guess black people shouldn't have 5 different rooms that are five different BRIGHT colors of the rainbow. I will take old and antique over new and sparkly any day. I have two tattoos and look forward to my third and last one. Mac and cheese is my favorite food. I like sitting on my old wood porch watching the squirrels and writing in my journals. I am nothing like any of you, we probably don't have alot in common but as Christians, we are all members of God's family and our ultimate goal should all be the same.

I pray you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. I have said it before, it' about getting to really know people. Never assume anything and be willing and open to some new things you can learn from other around you. God wants us taking as many people to heaven with us to be with Him so what are you waiting on??

"Be blessed and be a blessing".....

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