Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My mom was the best cook in the world. When my brother and I were little, my dad worked and momma stayed home. We have home cooked meals every single day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. She didn't go back to work until I got in middle school, so even our lunches we took to school were home cooked. I mean all of it. I can remember waking up and smelling homemade biscuits and fresh maple syrup. When my daddy would get home, dinner was always ready and we had dinner together in the kitchen. I never really thought about the stuff my momma did around the house, I mean after all, she was a housewife and it was her "job" so to speak I guess. I think, looking back on it all.. I know I love my momma beyond the shadow of a doubt, but I think we took everything she did for us for granted.

Kinda like how we look at what God does for us sometimes. I mean He says "Ask and it shall be given unto you..." so we just assume that all we have to do is ask, and BAM, things should fall into place. God is ALL knowing.. every think about that really? There is really not a thing we ask for that He does not already know about. We don't have to ask Him to make Him know a situation, but we ask so that we learn and know the power of God. So that we don't become complacent when He works things out for us and so that we appreciate and never take God for granted.

I try to teach my kids that. They just assume alot of times that things are suppose to be handed to them, that we can fix every situation that comes up. But how will they ever learn if that happens? How will they ever know to turn to God when they have problems and not try to fix it themselves?

Matthew 7:7 - "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find."

I hope you are all having a really good week. It's been kinda long, and I think I am about really for this long weekend we have coming up. My brother will be here Friday so please pray for a safe flight for him and hopefully I will get to see my nephews too!! Until next time, Lord willing.. "be blessed and be a blessing"

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  1. I miss the days of momma and daddy. I wonder sometimes if my children 's memories will be fond. Ah, but that's not the point is it? I guess my children have learned far more than many just who to depend on. They have lived it. Maybe that's the fondest memory I can give them ♥