Tuesday, August 10, 2010

God is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful and there is nothing He cannot do if He chooses to. He created us in His image and expects us to love, serve and follow Him and bring as many into the kingdom as we can. Although I believe that we have to pray and ask God for His guidance and answers to anything that is going on with us, good or bad, I also think, that He expects us to use the brain He gave us.

We don't live in the time of Christ when God's voice came from heaven and told people what to do. But that does not mean that we don't have signs and get answers to those prayers we pray.

I use to be really ignorant, someitmes I still am and I would ask and ask and ask and God would anwswer but I really didn't like any of those answers so I either kept praying to try to get some more, ignored it or simply did my own thing beacuse I THOUGHT this was what God wanted me to do. That got me NO WHERE fast!

I always wanted things quickly... fix my marriage.. quickly ... make my kids mind.. quickly... I need money to pay this bill... quickly... I wanna lose weight... QUICK! And although those are some very vaild things, not putting in the work, not praying steadfastly, not really believing that God would intervien, well sometimes, like I said, I had to learn the hard way. "A hard head makes a soft behind". And my behind is mushy soft from doing things on my own all the time!

Quit asking people to co sign with your mess. Quit thinking that if I pray, God HAS to do what I want because its the only thing that makes sense. Quit giving God limits. Keep doing what you are doing on your own, thinking "just give me a little more time" or " maybe if I try this, it might work"... see how far that gets ya.. Take some serious time out and really talk to God... just like you would any parent.. because He IS our Father and knows more than we do. When you really start talking and actually LISTENING and using the brain that God gave us, the answers will be clear. No need in second guessing anything.

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