Monday, March 2, 2009

I really saw God's work this weekend

I got to go visit a friend this weekend and it was great. The kids had a ball and are ready to go back. As I drove home yesterday, I got to see God's work in action and had a chance to think about it. When I left Charlotte, it was raining.. and I love rain. Not really driving in it, but just watching it, listening to it. Then as I got out of Charlotte, it started to snow. My kids were really excited and my youngest asked, "how come it was raining and now it's snowing?".. All I knew to say was.. "that's how God works". He accepted that answer and watched as the beautiful snow fell. We even stopped to take a picture of it cause it never snows in SW Georgia..well not enough to stick anyway.

I just realized this weekend once again how great God is. I was allowed to take a short vacation with the kiddos to spend time laughing and talking with friends and just being able to see how the seasons really change and work. It was nice......

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great Monday!! Lord willing ,we will talk again tomorrow and I will have all my thoughts together for my blogs this week!! Love ya!!

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