Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I went to Pearly's this morning and as I pulled up to the drive thru window, I heard a conversation between the two girls at the drive thru.

"Well, she was really rude to that guy. Said he didn't look right"

"Well, she shouldn't be like that towards anyone. How does she know that wasn't Jesus? And then what.. what would she say? You can't go by the way a person looks, you have to be nice to everyone."

And then she walked off to get my food. What a great lesson for the morning! I can't say I have been rude to someone who looks different but I have formed opinions based on looks and that's not right. We need to treat everyone the way we want to be treated. Jesus didn't pick and choose the people He wanted to be around. He went into all types of situations with all types of people. Who are we to think we are better than Christ? So the next time you pass someone who may not look, act or even smell the best, take a moment to be nice. It's pretty inexpensive and who knows, that person may be needing it. Remember... "be a blessing"...

Please remember in your prayers Mrs Heath (Charlene's mom) and her treatments but also that today is her 71st birthday!! Happy Birthday Momma Heath.... God is good!!!

Remember Ms. Daniels (Shauwan's mom). Shauwan just called me and said her mom's count was up to 77 which is the highest its been in a long time so thank you God for answered prayers!!!! Mr Aycock (Angie's dad), Valerie, Darlene, Angie (as they continue the job search), my friend Pam, who is also looking for a new job and like many of us, the stresses of life are trying to take over and just needs prayers to have the strength to make it through some tough situations. I miss you Pam!! My friend Quanda and her new baby boy, and Brianna and Morgan. I hope I didn't forget anyone.. if I did, I am so sorry, please respond and I will add it!

Until next time, Lord willing, "be blessed and be a blessing!!"

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  1. Love this story. What a good reminder for us all! Crazy how cool little reminders can be placed into our days like that. Have a blessed Wednesday!