Friday, August 12, 2011

Making the most out of bad stuff...

Khaaliq, my youngest got a spanking last week. I don't even remember for what because he gets them so frequently, but nevertheless, he got it. I noticed that even though I did my normal spanking routine.. explained why he was getting it, told him that this did not mean I didn't love him, and held back my own tears (cause yeah, I hate to do it), he really didn't cry like normal. I just chalked that one up to him getting tougher and realizing that maybe I have to change up my tactics some.

This morning, my ex husband came to pick the boys up as usual and decided to take Khaaliq to school first and come back to get Chris because he was not ready. When he came back he and Chris were at the table and he said " Did Christian tell you what Khaaliq said?" I always hold my breath when people ask me that question because you never know WHAT will come out of his mouth but I said " No". They both die laughing and said the last time you gave Khaaliq a spanking did you notice he didn't cry much? Yeah, I guess, why? "Well," he said, " Khaaliq said when you went to get the belt, he rushed to put on four pair of his boxer shorts under his shorts so he wouldn't feel it and then he said he kind of made his bottom go up in the air to make sure you would hit it instead of his legs"

All I could do was laugh... the things we do to make our situations better.

When you are dealing with situations that you really don't want to deal with, we try to make the best of it. If your attitude is automatically negative, then guess what, the situation will not be good. Being upset and angry, finding someone who will sulk with is is not right and does not please God. But if we choose to change our attitudes and our actions to the situation, we can actually find something positive in the whole thing and maybe learn from the situation.

Aww what a fun way to start my Friday off. I pray you all have a blessed and happy weekend. Stay safe and please remember Mrs. Heath, Mrs Daniels, Brianna (and me), and Darlene in your prayers this weekend.

Love you all and until next time, Lord willing.... "be blessed and be a blessing"

oh and by the way.... I'll be checking for extra undies on the next spanking! : )

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