Thursday, August 4, 2011

JOY last! (Jesus, Others, Yourself last)

So I read this article on Yahoo Sports this morning:

My first thought was , WOW what a nice guy to give this man his car like that. But then as I looked over the article again, I read that the coach asked the guy could he borrow whatever money he had in his packet and the guy reached in and handed him a 20. Now, I am not in Mr. Horton's checkbook, but as a coach for a national league football team, driving a Mercedes, I would imagine money is not an issue for him. I would also assume, that the two men led very different lifestyles, but again, I do not know this for sure. But what I do know and read was that Mr. Matthews didn't even think twice about giving this guy whatever money he had on him. And I thought, WOW, to have that kind of giving heart.

He was getting ready to bless someone and turns out, he got blessed as well. I know all stories won't and don't turn out like this one, but I can definitely see Christ in Mr Matthews actions!

I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend. Today is my Friday and I am off tomorrow, thank you Lord!

Please don't forget Mrs. Heath. Mrs Daniels, Brianna, and me in your prayers. Also add my friend Darlene. Her family is about to go through a "shift" I guess you could say thanks to (once again, sighhh) our economy and she could just use some positive prayers.

Love you all bunches and until next time, Lord willing...

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