Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The mornings in my house during school, no matter how organized we try to be, tends to be a bit crazy. Three kids, three different schools and things going on, everyone in the bathroom at the same time, (praise God I have my own bathroom..lol). And every morning like clockwork, the last question I ask is " Check your bags, do you have everything you need?"

This morning on top of the normal rush, we had to make a Wal-mart run. So we all get up and hour early, and get ready to go out the door. I ask my questions, "Do you all have everything, heck now!?" I get back a resounding YES from them all and off we go. After the Wal Mart run, I take the youngest to school first. Then its off to Robert Cross, with 15 mins to spare. Traffic is crazy by now and we are kinda singing w/ the radio. I am on Westover now, right by the high school and I hear " Momma I left my notebook on the counter" UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am HOT now! And I know what you are thinking.. make him suffer, don't go get it. But this notebook has ALL his classwork, homework, everything in it, I do NOT want him to make zeros cause that would be another butt beating in addition to the one he is about to get for even leaving the notebook in the first place. So I whip around and all I can hear Brianna say is " get your butt muscles in order" and I am fussing the whole way home.

"You gotta use your time better". "This is why I tell you to get all your stuff at night together so you won't leave any of it." "You're gonna learn." " I don't have time for this this morning." and on and on.... I think he got the hint by the time we got back to the house and if he didn't, well, I hope he works on them muscles like Brianna said cause he was tardy for class and that would be a day of detention.

"Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise,making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil." - Ephesians 5:15-16 (NIV)

It's very true that in my house, there is ALWAYS something going on. We are up before the sun and normally don't even make it home until the moon is up most days, but I (as we all are) are still accountable to God for the time we spend and how we spend it. We need to be aware of HOW we use our time, WHAT we use our time on and are these things pleasing to God because one day, we will answer for it.

I pray you all have a wonderful Tuesday. Softball has started and we have a game today.. GO SQUAWS!!!

Please keep in mine the people we have on our prayer list:

Ms. Heath
Ms. Daniels
Brianna (and me please)
and also, I got a call this morning from my cousin and I have three cousins who are having surgeries tomorrow here in town. Two found lumps and they are doing biopsies to remove the tissue and see if it's cancer, and I am not sure what the other surgery is but please be praying for them. Their names are Cathy, Antria, and Denise.

Have a good Tuesday and remember " be blessed and be a blessing".

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