Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last week Chris was given a project. He had to "grow" some candy. Rock candy. Now I have eaten rock candy before (not good for your teeth mind you), but never knew how it was made. Three cups of sugar and one cup of boiling water, color optional. All I could think when we were stirring in that pot was, "well if it doesn't work, we can always go to the mall and buy one so at least it will show you tried!!"

So we mix, poured in a glass, covered, and just waited.

Day one... nothing.
Day two...I saw something, not sure what floating on top, but I was starting to make plans to head to the candy shop.
Day two and a half... I think we should change glasses cause something ain't right.
Day three...what is this I see, something on the bottom?? Sugar maybe, and it seems to actually be making its way on the stick too.
Day four...it sticks!!!!!
Day five... a full fledged rock candy stick!!!

Oh ME of little faith.....

As Christians, our desire should be to grow deeper and trust more in the Lord. But even though we try as hard as we can, our faith is weak and sometimes not stable. Some days we get a "hmmmmm maybe this will work" while later on that same day we get a " I am not going to make it!!". How long is it going to take us (and I am talking to myself too) to realize that we cannot outsmart God. Until we get the "junk" out of our lives, the things that hinder us from following God with our entire minds, bodies and souls, then we will never be able to grow like we need to. We are all going to have things that test us, and we need to make sure that our faith is strong enough to get us through those times.

I pray you all had a great Monday. Until next time, "be blessed and be a blessing" to someone!

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