Thursday, August 25, 2011

So I have been talking with a friend this morning about life and how it is stressing me right now. How sometimes you have to find the little things that make getting out of bed worthwhile even when you don't want too. How you can't take on everyone else's problems even though you have the best of intentions because you want to help them (some people are beyond help I think) cause you really need to deal with your own stuff and seems like no one is ever around for THAT conversation. And then as I hit "send" on my whine to her, I hit my in box and this was there....

Find the Giggle
by Marilyn Meberg

"I love to laugh. I believe a giggle is always loitering about even in the most devastating of circumstances. I make a point of shuffling through the rubble in search of that giggle.
This isn’t denial. I need to feel and express my pain. But I also need to find the light side—and there is always a light side! I’ve noticed that when I laugh about some minor part of a problem or controversy or worry, the whole situation suddenly seems much less negative to me. After a good laugh, I can then rethink my circumstances. As a result, that which was threatening may now seem less threatening."

Marilyn Meberg is a Women of Faith speaker and one of the reason I hate I am going to miss going again this year. Trying to find the calm, the light in a situation, the giggle... well, let's just say it is not the first thing on my mind when I have problems. I'd much rather sulk, whine and lock myself up from the world around me... except, I gotta come out, or the kids will come in! lol

So I stopped, said a prayer to myself and really vowed to have a good day. A positive day even if I don't really want too. To realize that yeah, my situation my not be a fun one for me right now, but there really are alot of people who have it a whole lot worse. God is good in ALL situations, even the ones we raise our eyebrows at.

I pray that whatever you all are going through, whether people know or not, that you too find the giggle in it...

Until next time... "Be blessed and be a blessing!"

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