Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last night while I was surfing the Internet doing some reading, I came across a devotional that really touched me. I would imagine so because it seemed so parallel to my own life. As I read it, I just inserted my name where he was talking about himself and it was me. So I decided to share it with you:

You know, I had a conversation with someone yesterday and I thought about it alot last night. I don't have all the answers, I would never want anyone to think that I am telling them what to do although I know I am one of those people who like to "fix" things. I mean, its advice, take it or leave it. I have my own issues so I surely can't help you make your life perfect if mine isn't, and never will be. But what I do know is this, like he said in the article, no matter how bad things get, how much we think there really is no end in sight, and even if we get mad at God, He's still there. And for every issues we have, for every situation we can't figure out and those things that just don't make sense to us, He uses it for HIS good. I was in life group this past week and the subject came up about not all bad things work out for good. I have thought about that this week too and I mean I guess in a way, they were right.. it doesn't work out all the time for OUR good but I do believe that it works out the way God wants it too for HIS good for those that love Him. We might as well forget trying to figure God out.. it ain't happening. But we can still trust that He knows exactly what He is doing. He loves us.

I hope and pray you are all having a really good week. It's been kind of long and I am smiling thinking about the weekend coming up. Relax, release.......

Until next time, Lord willing, "be blessed and be a blessing"!!

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