Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things happen, but I guess the question is, who do we turn to when they do?

Yesterday my son was diagnosed with Amblyopia. In simple terms, he has a developmental disorder (lazy eye) where his brain decided to like one eye over both eyes and although not blind in one eye, his vision is blurred to the point of not seeing in it. Had it been caught sooner, he could have worn a patch over the good eye to "trick" the bad one into working. Because of his age, we were told that we could try it, but at this point he would not get the vision back in it totally if at all. So he will have to wear glasses to protect his good eye and if you see him for the next few weeks, well, he is a little self conscience about the patch so try to make him feel good for me.

My son does not have AIDS, no cancer, he doesn't have high blood pressure or diabetes, nothing life threatening or serious, he only has amblyopia. But he's my son and to me, it's serious. I told you all about my friend who is pregnant and has been put on bed rest for high blood pressure and she is worried about her baby's health. I told her last week that God has it all under control and to try and enjoy her pregnancy as much as possible. Her daughter is going to be my god-daughter and Lord knows that I want her happy and healthy. But you know what, no matter what our imperfections may be (and we ALL have them, physical defects or not) God still loves us and can use us for His purpose.

There is NO situation we come across that God cannot help us through. I read this quote "If God brings it to you, He will bring you through it. God will either lighten you load or strengthen your back." And I believe that. Does that mean I am not upset about my baby... NOPE because I am, humans tend to be like that. Praise the Lord though for His goodness and grace and the fact that I can go to Him and tell Him I am upset and can't handle it and He promises to help me through it. Just because our paths are unknown to us, does not mean God is not leading us. I remember when my parents died how everyone was quoting that verse " weeping endures a night, but joy comes in the morning".. well, those night may have been long, our trials and problems may seem to keep coming and the end looks far off, but the truth of the matter is that joy really DOES come in the morning, through Christ Jesus and there will be a day that we can all look back and realize that God's grace covered, protected, calmed and comforted us.

I am a person who is happy one day and can be a basket case the next. I change like the wind. But God, is always the same, never changing and ALWAYS there for us.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Please keep us in your prayers. I think I am more freaking than my son is because as far as he is concerned, there is nothing wrong with him, it's all he knows anyway. : )

Until next time, be safe, love ya!

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