Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank you!

I love Facebook. It's my way to stay connected to my friends and family that I do not get to see very often. What amazes me about Facebook is how free people are with their words and thoughts and I mean that in a good way. I can remember being in high school and not remember a person talk about God. I mean we all went to Church, that was a given, but to actually talk to someone about God, give advice about it.. well it was almost unheard of. Fast forward almost 20 years and you have Facebook. And it's wonderful. I think every one of my classmates (and family) encourage each other every day. Last night for me was no exception.

I have been in a mood lately, a funk if you will. The holidays are coming up, there are alot of things on my mind surrounding that and just alot of other personal things I am dealing with. and some of it are things that are probably just in my head more so than anything else, but none the less, they are there. I have been praying really hard the last few weeks that whatever it is, God take it away and deal with it. But last night, it got a bit overwhelming and you know how it's those times that no one seems to be around... well I decided to take it to FB... yep, put my business out there and once again my friends and classmates came to my rescue.

See, I know that in times of trouble and need that I can pick up my Bible and God has given me all the things I need to get through anything. Philippians 4:6-8, 2 Corinthians 4:7-10, and Psalm 46:10... I know all I have to do is be still and listen. Know that God is God and He does just what He says He will do, but last night I had to hear it. Physically hear it and God sent that through the form of my friends. I love you all very much, you have no clue what that meant to me and although I had stress last night, some caused by my own mind, some caused by other things, I actually got through last night with no tears.

Pam says all the time, be blessed and BE a blessing... you were definitely mine!

Until next time Lord willing, be safe, show love and compassion and never think the small things don't matter... they really do!

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