Monday, November 16, 2009

So, we have started a new series in church..leadership, and last night we talked about leadership and helping others. I really believe that are lives are to be about just that, finding the needs of others and making sure that if there is anything we can do to help, that we do it. I also know how hard that can be. I mean we see people on the street corners and we are afraid to stop and do something because we never know what they will do right? You don't want to give them money because you don't know how they will spend it. You really don't know them all that well, and why should you stick your nose in their business?

Last night Greg asked us what keeps us from helping others and those were a few of the reasons along with something else I said... people can be draining and take advantage and after all, no one likes to be taken advantage of. Then someone said something that got me thinking..." Jesus didn't say " help one another UNTIL they take advantage of you". He said to help one another. She went on to explain that if we are doing things with the right motives, with the right heart and with nothing on our minds but pleasing God, then the being taken advantage of, the worrying about what if they don't spend the money right, the fear of helping and getting hurt in the process will not be an issue because I really doubt God would ask us to do anything that he knows would harm us. He would be right there with us.

But I also contend this notion. It's not just the people on the streets and the ones you physically notice that need help. There are people closer than you think. They may live next to you, work with you or even attend the same church you do. See it may or may not be about money all of the time. Help comes in all forms and its up to us and Christians to really get to know the people around you. Find out if there are any needs that you may be missing and DO something. Thanks to my daughter, there are some things now that the two of us are able to do and it makes me proud that she is paying attention even when I don't sometimes!

With the holidays coming, I really think now especially time to kinda look around and see what we can do. The economy is not good, people are being laid off left and right and there are alot of people who may want nothing more than for someone just to listen. Make it a goal to really seek and find that person. Pray about it and let God show you what needs to be done.

James 4:17 " Anyone, then who knows the good he ought to be doing and doesn't do it, sins"

What else is there to say?

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