Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trustng God

There have been many disappointments in my life. Many of you know some of them, some know alot. Through the disappointments brought alot of not trusting people. I honestly had no reason to. I really felt like and still do sometimes that people are going to always let you down, so don't get to close, don't tell them too much and things will be okay.

Everyone, including me says " Trust God", "Give it all to Him".. but saying it and actually doing it can sometimes be very hard. Even for me. I believe God created me and everything in this world, I think that He controls the universe. I know that my prayer life is not the best but I know He hears me but I learned a long time ago that I do not always get the answers I want, therefore I don't expect too much. Trust God? Hmmmm.... it's hard, it really is.

I think if we (and I really am talking to myself) would learn to open up to the Lord more, we would see his awesome power work in us and through us. I would imagine that the more we open up to Him, the more He would do for us and vice versa.. the less we trust and believe that He truly can and will handle what He said he would, things would start to happen and we will know and see it.

So I guess it boils down to this, if you believe God will do it, trust Him, then it will happen, period. If not, it won't.

This week that is what I am trying to concentrate on. I am working on my trust issues with God.. does that sound bad? For a Christian I mean.... I think its alot more common than we think. I will say this... I normally don't sleep at night.. at any given time during the night, if you are ever online, I bet I am too. I probably sleep 2 to 3 hours a night, if I am lucky. I have prayed (as well as a few other people I know) this week about how tired I have been, mentally and physically and that I just need rest. The past two night, I know this may not seem like a big deal, but I have slept 7 hours, no computer, no getting up, nothing. How can I really not think that is God.. some of you think well maybe you were just really tired and had no choice but to sleep.. but I will tell you, that is not the case b/c if it was, I would sleep like that every night.

I do believe God is with me, I honestly have no doubt. I often wish He would let me in on His plan for me though, maybe I wouldn't be as stressed. But, until then, I will have to continue to learn to trust that He knows way more than I do and He knows whats best for me.

I hope you all have a great day. School starts tomorrow for Dougherty County, and I can't wait!!

I love you all and Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow!!!!


  1. I get really frustrated sometimes when a Christian's response to someone that has had something bad happen is, "well, God has a better plan" or "just trust God". Not that those things aren't true but it seems dismissive to me and it is something that a Christian knows anyway. Faith is something that pulls people through but it doesn't stop things from hurting. Sometimes things just stink, even when you do have faith in God.

    I read a book once called, "If I Really Believe, then Why do I have these Doubts". Good book. I think it is doubting that actually builds faith. It's not really faith if it's something that you can prove.

    I have issues with trusting God also. Not so much that I think He doesn't know what He's doing but that I might not like what He's doing. I pray often that His will will become mine but, I'm still so far from that.

    I said a prayer for you girl. There are more people out there that admire you than you know. I am one of them!

  2. Thanks Dana, I really appreciate that. I think sometimes people think I am being " disrespectful" to God by saying that I have a hard time trusting, but I am just being honest. I pray about it though and I work on it. I have a long way to go, but I am not giving up! : )