Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I think I see it now... or have I just not paid attention?

We have been studying prayer at church for the past few weeks. How we pray, when we pray, so we hear, what are the issues with prayer... and I have said in our life groups that my issue that I have had with prayer is that I get so frustrated because I am not getting an answer. Not that I need a yes, I just need something! And because of that frustration, I have had the attitude that I just give up because whatever is gonna happen, is gonna happen. And I actually have been thinking alot and "talking" to God alot more since we have had this series. And something funny is happening....

There is no bright light that shines above me with answers, no cup falls off the counter when I ask a question giving me an answer, but I think that maybe because I have actually been trying to listen for answers, things are working out. Does that make sense? See, let me tell you how my mind has worked...I think God has really answered alot more than I think He has, but I think that because I have such a thick head, I go " No that's not Him, he's not answering me" because I wanted to be proven right, I wanted to be able to say I have prayed and prayed and nothing", when all along, I have had my answers, just not necessarily the ones I wanted. I think we get out answers, I really do and I don't always think its a long time coming. We just want what we want when we want it and if it doesn't happen like that, well, we have frustrations and aggravations and thinks God is not paying attention to us.

My answers are coming, I really see that now. It helps to have alot of great people like I have around me praying with me and for me. People say the power of prayer is really strong and I think they say it and not really believe what they say.... I am here to tell you... it really is strong. I have noticed it in my own life the past few weeks, so much so that when I am not doing things as I should, when things are not quite right.. I have felt it physically and it was not until I actually said " Ok God, I hear you, I am listening, I'm sorry and I am doing" that I have actually felt okay.

Keep praying my friends, not just because the Bible tells us too, but to keep an open one on one relationship with God. Tell Him whats going on, ask Him for help, praise Him for the good AND the bad experiences because they really do make you stronger and you will see your relationship with him grow beyond anything you or I could ever imagine.

I hope all this makes sense to you. Sometimes I have so much stuff in my head that when it comes out, it tends to be jumbled.. I'll work on that. I hope you all have a great day and Lord willing, we will talk again soon! Love ya!

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