Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Psalms 16:11, its tell us that He will guide us on the path of life, but the choice is ours whether or not we stay on that path. And there are so many things that can keep us off the right path: things are not going well at home or work, bitterness we are feeling has taken root in our hearts and we can't let go, or maybe its the fact that someone has done something to us and we have chosen not to forgive them.

When the prodigal son left home, his father was very upset. The fact that he had not done what his father wanted upset him, but he allowed him to make his own decisions and the day he came back home, the father welcomed him with love and open arms. The same with God.... no matter what we do, no matter how far we have wondered from God, He longs for us to come back to Him.. there is no place we can go that His loving arms cannot reach.

So pray that God takes away what is holding us back, what is keeping us from giving our all to Him, replace it with love and comfort and trust in His unfailing love.

Its been a good first week of school for the kids... kinda rough on me and far as getting my schedule down, but it is all working out. Have a great day all and until tomorrow..Lord willing..

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