Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can I have a do over?

So yesterday on my Facebook page, one of my old school mates tagged me in a note. I always read my notes but rarely do I respond, this time I did. Thomas is a minister here in town and a really nice guy and he made the statement " If I could do it all over again, I would...."

He talked about how we we look back and wonder why in the world we did so many crazy and stupid things. Why was he blinded to what he knew would happen. He even brought up Peter... he denied Christ three times and I bet he wondered as he did it, as those words came out of his mouth. Bet he thought he could have a do over too...

We really are lucky you know. Just think about it for a second to yourself, and maybe this does not apply to you but it sure does me. How many times have you done things that right after you did it, you immediately thought "WHY, please tell me I didn't do that" or done some things that you actually thought God would strike you dead on the spot.. I have. But we have a God who despite all our faults, all our past, present and future sins (that's what they are you know), if we confess it to him, He forgives us and gives us chance after chance. I have people who have been " friends" that when something happened, they just stopped talking to me. But I have a God, who at one point in my life I decided in my head was not working for my good and I told Him so, who through is grace and mercy forgave me (I know this!!) and is not going to bring it back up again.

My response to Thomas was "I don't even think I can BEGIN to name all the things I have done that have been stupid, without wanting to kick myself every time. I just THANK GOD everyday for His grace and mercy, that I learned from those things and that I know despite all my past, present and future faults and mess ups, I have a God who wants nothing but the best for me and welcomes me back to Him with open arms!"The do over is not necessary you know. Once we confess and repent of it, it's done in God's eyes. We move on. We learn from our mistakes and try to help anyone else alone the way that we see who may need it. I pray the past is not holding you back... I know how that can be believe me. But turning it over to God is the only way we really get to move forward and be able to do the good works He wants us too!

I pray you all have a blessed day!! Lord willing, we will talk again soon!!

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