Monday, June 22, 2009

Sometimes I feel like if I make mistakes, make wrong choices that God is gonna love me less. I mean I read the scriptures, but I mean the same things over and over again.. I just assume He gets really tired really fast like we all tend to do sometimes. I know he loves me, but one day I am going to make that one BIG mistake and He is going to be done with me forever.

But looking in the Bible I am reminded of many people who made mistakes and "big" ones at that and God never turned away from them. Take David. God loved David with all of his heart but he committed adultery, even had someone murdered and at times was not near to God but God never turned his back on him. And my favorite example was Saul, who later became Paul. Saul actually murdered Christians, God's children and thought he was going right, but later became one of my favorite writers in the new Testament and one that would go on to encourage and convert many to Christianity. God never turned away and gave up no matter what.

We are going to make mistakes, we are going to be stressed and discouraged in our lives. God still loves us. Praise the Lord it is not necessary to be perfect or we would all be doomed. God is with us even when we make mistakes. Its our job to learn from them and help encourage others.

I hope you all had a great weekend. It was pretty hot here, but it was good. Please continue to keep the Westwood mission team in your prayers as they are in Honduras the rest of this week. Have a great day and until tomorrow.. Lord willing....

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