Monday, June 29, 2009


Good morning everyone... it's been a while.

I was talking with a friend this weekend. She was running errands and she saw an older woman who was obviously shopping talking with someone in a store. As the woman went outside, my friend continued to watch her and noticed that she wasn't getting in a car, but she had one of those metal carts that you pull behind you. Now, mind you, SW GA has not been the coolest lately and this woman was not young, so she asked if she was walking. The woman replied yes but she was fine, she didn't have far to go. My friend insisted that the woman get in her car so she could take her, and after a little hesitation, the woman did. The ride was only a few minutes and the woman thanked her and got out and said she would be fine from there.

When she was telling me the story, I don't even think she realized what she had done but I did. We are all so consumed with our own lives and what is going on around us that we forget those in need. My friend was not only showing kindness, but she showed that woman God and god's love. She may never see her again, but I guarantee she made an impact. Now I am not saying go out and pick up everyone walking on the streets (we do have to be safe), but I think we need to be aware and maybe even look for ways to help that might not always be so obvious. And you don;t have to have alot of money to serve, it really could be something simple like helping with yard work, helping clean a house, taking someone around who is not able to drive..... use your imagination. Step outside of our boxes, our comfort zones like Christ did.

I hope you all have a great week, Lord willing, we will talk again tomorrow!! I love ya!

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